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Apr 30, 2008 10:35 PM

I'm tired. Need inspiration: kid-friendly food.

What are your favourite recipes for feeding your kids? (mine are 2 and 4 years old) I have been overworked and overtired these days and need to be inspired by some new recipes. Thanks so much!!

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  1. It's been a long time since my girls were that age, but the things I remember is that they loved to get in the kitchen and cook with me (even if it wasn't productive!), they like food that was small so they could pick up easy, and they wanted to tailor or individualize their food.

    Here are some suggestions:
    homemade mac & cheese with a twist like kielbasa or sausages on top
    pureed cauliflower, parsnips, other root veggies - good way to introduce new veggies in non threatening way as they loved mashed potatoes
    chicken soup with rice, noodles, matzo balls, filled with chicken meat and carrots, onions, etc.
    any kind of grilled burgers - beef obviously, but also ground turkey, chicken, lamb, veal - you can also work in ground up veggies for more nutrition
    these days, probably sushi, as they are small (is raw fish a problem for little kids?) just don't tell them what it is
    any kind of Mexican food, although I had to limit spiciness for my kids
    we LOVE breakfast for dinner - waffles, pancakes, French Toast, sausages, bacon, etc
    I made mini quiche originally as appetizers for a dinner party, but my kids LOVED them and I would make pans of them with different fillings and freeze them. Very easy to pop into toaster oven for quick snack too.
    any kind of dumpling, won ton, egg roll, etc because they could pick up on their own and eat
    little pigs in blankets, sometimes mini franks in pastry, sometimes hot dog chunks in silver dollar pancakes
    any kind of wrap - turkey, lunch meat, fried bacon, cream cheese, cheese, relish (roasted peppers, olives, etc.), dressing (mustard, mayo, etc.) cut in 2 in pieces

    Hope this helps! Cherish your little ones, they grow up quickly and leave home!

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      Thanks Diane!!! Those are great suggestions. Funnily, my kids LOVE sushi. I love the suggestion about the mini-quiches and the pureed vegetables too.

    2. My 3 yr old likes chicken risotto with peas and parmesan. Home made panko encrusted chicken fingers, dad's pizza, mac & cheese, bacon cheddar meatloaf, sushi ( I roll my own, prep is time consuming), brats simmered in beer and onions with sauerkraut and whole grain mustard ( I simmer a few pounds of these and freeze them for later use). Good luck, sometimes after many months of cooking I get tired and unenthused.

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      1. re: Lenox637

        My daughter loves risotto, too. She even likes to wear it.

      2. English muffin pizzas. Scrambled eggs in fried bologna cups.Noah in the ark - or toad in the hole. Fish sticks and fries. Cruditees (carrots, bell pepper, cuke), carrot salad, Cook some hot dog slices and float them in soup. Dinner waffles (creamed chicken for main, syrup for dessert),
        Pot stickers, stuffed shells, chicken pot pie. stove top mac and cheese, any kind of meatballs.

        1. Pizza, let them roll the dough and add the toppings. English muffins with cheddar cheese melted on top. Veggies and ranch dip. Soup, chicken tortilla with different toppings, Chicken Noodle soup, Chesse Soup, ditto on the breakfast for dinner, let them help, my kids always eat better when they help.

          1. There have been a lot of discussions on this so you might want to do a search. But this thread is very recent (and has other ideas besides meatloaf).