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Sep 11, 2002 04:21 PM

Belgian Frites

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Is there any place in Los Angeles that offers authentic Belgian-Style Frites?


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  1. I have no idea if these are authentic, however there is a place in Pasadena that advertises as such. Union Street Cafe in Old Town, on Union Street in between Raymond and Fair Oaks. This is different from the Union Street Cafe east of Colorado.

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    1. re: Paige Marino

      Nope, there's not anywhere that serves them. Sorry. Now that Benita's is gone, it's slim pickings. You'll have to fly to NY.

      Btw, I like your name, Birdynumnum.

      1. re: Claudine Too

        Is Benita's totally gone? I heard there was a Universal Citywalk branch that was still open.

        1. re: SKU

          The CityWalk location also closed.

          1. re: Claudine Too

            unfortunately the Belgo in NYC closed down last year. Does this mean the Belgian craze is passe?

            1. re: lkano

              On The Best Of show on The Food Channel they just did a story of a Belgian Frites place in New York. Does anyone remember the name?

              1. re: Just Larry

                I watch the show all the time, but can't remember that one. Check out the link below for a site by someone who is besotted by Belgian Frites.


                1. re: WLA

                  By looking over the site more closely I found these three locations listed in NY.

                  Pommes Frites, 724 Seventh Avenue (48th Street)

                  Le Frite Kot Located on 148, West fourth Street (Greenwich Village).

                  B-Frites Located at 1657 Broadway near 51st Street.

            2. re: Claudine Too
              Mr. Bluetooth

              Or, you could head to Frjtz in SF. Don't know how they compare to NY, but I found the fries somewhat ordinary...but then, I'm no expert in Belgian style fries. Nice crepes and selection of Belgian beers, though.

          2. Don't know if they're Belgian style, but Father's Office in Santa Monica serves great fries.

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            1. re: LBQT

              They are indeed good, but they're not Belgian style. The FO fries are very thin shoestring fries, whereas Belgian fries are a thicker cut that is cooked twice for added crispness. However, the sauce that accompanies the fries is Belgian-style. The sweet potato fries at FO are great too.

            2. Library Alehouse on Main St. in Ocean Park will make them Belgian-style if you so request ... and they're darn good, too ...

              1. i just read somewhere that danny glover opened a belgian fry shop in westwood. maybe on citysearch? i think it's called hollywood fries on broxton.

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                1. re: archway

                  I tried Hollywood Fries in Westwood a month or so ago, was not particularly impressed. Clearly inspired by Benita's, but the fries didn't have particularly great crisp and the 2 sauces I tried were only so-so. And maybe just a little expensive for the location. Disappointing, because Westwood is the perfect location for such cheap walk-around eats for collegians with cast iron stomachs; imagine if you could have a dinner of a cheap sub, some good fries, a Stan's buttermilk or peanut-butter-banana donut and/or some Diddy Riese bargain cookies for dessert (and a nice boba drink afterwards)!

                2. The Abby on Main St. in Seal Beach does "Chimay Night" on either Tues. or Wed. nights - at least they did a while back... Not only can you quite happily kill yourself on Chimay on the cheap, frites are offered for something crazy like $1.00. Mussels on special too. Frites VERY good dipped in both sauce AND mussel liquor.