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Apr 30, 2008 09:11 PM

Area Sushi Restaurant with Soy Paper option?

Is anyone familiar with any local area sushi restaurants that offer Soy Paper (mamenori) vs. the standard seaweed nori for rolls? I am not a fan of the seaweed, and therefore are generally restricted to sashimi and non-roll sushi, but in Southern California many restauarants offer a soy paper wrapper instead of seaweed which changed my life! I cannot find any area restaurants that offer the alternative. Can anyone recommend any Southwestern CT area or NY Metro area restaurants with this offering?

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  1. Sakana in Nanuet offers it...fresh fish and really fun/exciting rolls

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      Thanks for the speedy reply, six! I can't wait to try's a bit of a drive, but I'm so excited to find something commutable (even for the special occassion) with fun roll choices and SOY PAPER...JOY!

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        A Suggestion......

        Consider purchasing the Soy Paper on your own and bring it to your favorite Sushi Restaurant to prepare your desired choices. I am sure they would accommodate your request to substitute the Soy Paper for the Nori sheets.

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          wow, really? have you ever seen or tried this? That's would open up a lot of options!

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            I have not tried to substitute Soy Paper for Nori sheets specifically, but I have brought my own Lobsters to my favorite Chinese restaurant when they did not offer it for the evening.......and I have also brought to my favorite Italian restaurant, fresh fish caught by friends.....

            Admittedly, I am a frequent regular at these places, but your request is much more simple and should be accepted without an ounce of resistance whether you are a frequent guest, friend or not. The sushi will still be prepared with the house's ingredients and the house will still charge accordingly. In the cases where I have brought in my own fish......the houses charged me a fee for cooking, but I always double the fee when I pay and leave an appropriate tip on the doubled fee or more depending on any other considerations. For arguments sake, if the daily fish specials were $30 for the evening, I would expect to pay $30 pre-tax or pre-tip. I would not walk into the restaurant expecting this, but I would and always have called first to see if this was acceptable. I am sure my previous history in these places allow me to receive this treatment for the special requests, but there is no reason anyone could not expect or ask for the same from their favorite restaurants. I have seen comments in the past regarding customers bringing in their own food, e.g., Birthday Cakes and that it is against Department of Health regulations.....but I believe that is more of an excuse for the restaurant to sell you their own desserts than an actual regulation on the DOH Rules and Regulations Handbook. I have been involved in food and hospitality in New Jersey for over four decades and I have never seen that code in any of the municipalities I was associated with. I also know of customers who are allergic to wheat, therefore cannot have pasta in the traditional sense out in Italian restaurants....unless the restaurant offers rice pasta. In such a cash, I know the customers bring in their own boxes of rice pasta to substitute so they can enjoy their meals without consequence.

            It is a sound business practice to accommodate customers, new or simply need to ask.

            BTW, in the example of fish being brought into the Italian restaurant, once a friend caught a large Yellowfin Tuna. I brought in a loin where my friend prepared it several ways for my friends and I to enjoy. We only consumed a fraction of the loin and the rest I left for the owner to do with as he pleased. He was more than happy to accomodate me and receive the leftovers.

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              thanks for the comprehensive reply. I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

        2. re: fergalicious

          Just wanted to let you know I tried this place last night, and it was really great. I enjoyed it so much and was able to try all kinds of rolls with the soy wrappers - thanks for the great find!!

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            if so, glad you liked it...i love the crazy rolls and the mini amuse bouche...i'm a fan of the soy wrappers myself and wish there were more sushi joints rolling with it.

      2. or, you could also ask for your rolls to be wrapped in cucumber, which is a delicious option.

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          yes, actually that's one alternative option I have been able to find with some select rolls at Kazu in Norwalk. Thanks for the advice! I think it only works with certain kinds as it doesn't act/roll as tightly as seaweed would. Great suggestion.

          1. re: fergalicious

            Matsu Sushi in Westport has a variety of wraps that they use on their rolls. Some are wrapped in cucumber, some in soy bean. Their menu is on-line at and if you click on specials, it lists all the rolls.

            1. re: sibeats

              great - thanks for the tip. I'll have to check into it as that is VERY conveniently located.

        2. fergalicious,

          My family prefers soy wrappers on our sushi. We have found them offered on special rolls (& requested them for our own creations) at Abis in Mamaroneck, and Seasons and Asian Temptations in White Plains.
          Hope that helps.

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            wow, two more to try...thank you SO much for the post. I'm so excited to have some options in the area!