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Apr 30, 2008 08:06 PM

Columbian Market???

I'm new to LA and looking for a Columbian Market. Does anyone know of either a Columbian market, or any market where I can find Columbian products?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are a few places to get Colombian food. Since it's near me, I tend to go down Venice Blvd into Culver City and shop at Camaguey, which sells a lot of Colombian packaged products alongside lots of other central and south american stuff.

      You can also go to the big supermarket, Liborio, which sells stuff from lots of latin american countries, including Colombia. I go to the location on Alvarado/Pico near downtown, but they have other locations. This is a much bigger store than Camaguey.

      In the Valley, I know there are at least a couple stores that sell Colombian foods, but they are as big as the two I've mentioned and the prices were pretty high. The same goes for a store that is in Pico Rivera, on Washington, just past the 605 -- high prices, small selection.

      1. Vallarta markets carry Colombian products, as do some of the valley Colombian restaurants like Cafe Colombia, Antojitos Latinos, and La Maria.I think Carniceria Argentina also carries Colombian products.

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          Antojitos Colombia was the store in the valley that I was trying to think of. It's not bad, but there are bigger selections and lower prices to be had elsewhere. Vallarta is a good suggestion, though I think Liborio is better, if you've got a choice between the two.