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Apr 30, 2008 07:20 PM

Good food near USC, dining alone

Dear Chowhounds,

I'm in town through the weekend for work (so am on my own), and am staying near the corner of S. Figueroa and W. Adams. I'm working near MacArthur Park. I won't have a lot of time to go very far afield.

Can you recommend some good places to eat where I would be comfortable dining alone? I love Latin food and am a pescatarian. And, I would love to find some authentic Korean food that is not BBQ.

And, by the way, I had tamales at Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe on 7th across from MacArthur Park today for lunch and they were excellent. I highly recommend the black bean and herb tamale. I have also been to Langer's and Chichan Itza, in case you were going to mention those. Otherwise, I'm clueless.



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  1. If you want great, cheap Mexican I HIGHLY recommend La Taquiza on Figueroa and 30th (its in a strip mall in the corner). Try anything with al pastor or carne asada. The fish tacos are good, too.

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      Definitely second this recommendation. The grilled shrimp tacos are great and I've heard good things about their fish plates as well. The salsa bar is excellent.

      As for Korean, I've had excellent bibimbap at Jeon Ju. It's in a mini-mall on the southeast corner of New Hampshire and Vermont. I'm told there is an excellent Korean cold spicy noodle place called The Corner Place on the northwest corner of James Woods and Vermont (but I haven't been there.)

    2. Maybe Papa Cristos for good (I wouldn't say great) casual Greek food. They have a good $15 fresh whole grilled fish dish (I forget what it's called) and lots of decent veggie options. Probably a five-ten minute drive from Macarthur Park.