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Apr 30, 2008 07:11 PM

frustrated for lack of a better word

I need to find a special place. I want a friday night graduation dinner (loyola) in the $25-35 range on May 9th. I have placed two reservations, Cochon on line and Jacque Imos by phone and then a week later I get called with sorry no luck, you can have a 5:00 or a 9:30. I am running out of time. We love food, are flexable and we have a family group from Maine and Atlanta and need to be at the superdome at 8AM. Help.

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  1. Clancy's, Mat & Naddie's, the Upperline. Much more casual would be Vincent's. I really like Jacques-Imos though - have you tried calling them, and explaining the situation?

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      FYI, for graduation time, students line up at Jacques starting at about 7 AM for those coveted times. I went at 10 or so and we ate at 10:30 the Thursday or Friday before my graduation.

      1. Try Martinique Bistro. I have always had great meals there and it is a great environment.

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        1. re: mikek

          Second Martinique. It's a small place though.

        2. Patois, Gautreau's, Vizards, Iris, Cote Sud (how big is your group?), Upperline, Petite Grocerie, Lilette, Cafe Degas, or head downtown to Cuvee, Tommy's, Luke, La Boca, RioMar, etc.

          Did you mean superdome at 8 PM? In that case, what's wrong w/ a 5 pm rezzie?

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            Loyola graduates in the AM.

          2. Brigtsen's, Dante's Kitchen, Clancy's, Upperline, Gautreau's, Le Petite Grocery, Lilette, Bistro Daisy, etc etc - there are a ton of nice places Uptown.

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              Cafe Giovani right off Canal easy parking and close to the dome. Italian mostly.

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                Good recommendation, Tonto! Only problem with Cafe Giovanni is it can get quite loud. If you go, be sure to get the stained glass oysters (I think that's what they call it). It's an appetizer of fried oysters with about 6-7 sauces painted together to look like stained glass. Great taste and terrific presentation.