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Apr 30, 2008 06:57 PM

Best burger and beer

Have started a burger and beer tradition with a friend and tomorrow night is our next meeting. We've covered P.J. Clarks, and the Shake Shack. What other similar places might be good, with possible bars to move to afterwards?


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  1. of course corner bistro & burger joint!

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    1. re: TBird

      I think that you need to do Corner Bistro next. It's iconic. I like Burger Joint too but it's not a cornerstone of NYC burger places like CB.

    2. Corner Bistro, Waterfront Ale House, Tavern on Jane, Molly's

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      1. re: Lucia

        tbird and lucia forgot spotted pig. other than that, well, they are perfect.

        1. re: steve h.

          Oops--actually did forget Spotted Pig. I'm not loving the potato sticks, but it's a great burger.

        2. re: Lucia

          the burgers at TAVERN ON JANE are by far not in the same league as the others (much as i want them to be).

          if beer is a big factor than PETES WATERFRONT is head of the class....or MOLLYS if you are really into the increasingly rare murphy's stout draft instead of the silly almost frozen guinness abomination everyone else serves these days.

        3. Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien. I'm not sure what the nearby bar options would be, though, especially if you want to keep with the casual burger and beer theme. There's a bar on the west side of Seventh Ave between 57/58 that always seems pretty lively when I walk by. That would be within walking distance of the burger place. If you wanted something downtown, Fanelli's has yummy burgers with good bar atmosphere

          1. Great Two to start with- may be my top two actually. Others to try are the Spotted Pig, Seymour Burton and the Stoned Crow. Pig & Burton are more restaurants where as the Stoned Crow is actually just a bar with beers like Sixpoint Sweet Action and Yuengling on tap. Kind of divey in a good way.

            The Spotted Pig always has at least one cask ale on tap and Seymour Burton carries almost all of the Ommegang beers.

            All of them have great bars nearby for afterwards. Too many to name.



            1. Mollys as a first choice, get the onion rings.