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Apr 30, 2008 06:48 PM

craving bread pudding...

I'm craving bread pudding... ideally with chocolate chips. Any recommendations for some great bread pudding?

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  1. Josie has chocolate bread pudding
    Hungry Cat
    3 Square

    If you're jonesing and near Whole Foods, they do a good traditional one without choc chips though. Ralph's also makes one, but it does have nuts in it.... it's gooer and more caramelized through than WF's, but it has those nuts that I would have to pick out.

    1. I used to get a really wonderful pudding, chocolate or vanilla, in the bakery case at the Broadway Deli on the 3rd Street promenade. I assume they're still making it.

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      1. re: Fresser

        Agree. It's the only thing worth eating there, too.

      2. Angeli on Melrose has great chocolate bread pudding as does Hedley's on robertson between santa monica blvd and melrose

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        1. Auntie 'Em's in Glendale has GREAT bread pudding. Usually fruit though, like banana, don't know if they do chocolate chips. And while there, pick up their Red Velvet Cupcakes. The minis are only $1.25, the 'maxis' (huge ones) are $3-3.50...and just gorgeous. Not too oily, like Doughboys....

          1. Try Chaya Brasserie! Their chocolate croissant bread pudding is AMAZING.