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Apr 30, 2008 06:45 PM


We are going on a Gastro Pub crawl- There will be a group of 4 Foodies- does anyone one know where to start in London?
Thank you

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  1. There are tons! But why not start with the original gastropub, which is The Eagle on Farringdon Road. How many are you hoping to visit, and in what time scale?

    1. We are in London for three days and would like to get to as many as possible-thanks we will go the Eagle- Is there any in Piccadily Square area?

      1. This link will get you to Gordon Ramsay's pubs. If you use the search feature on Chowhound, I think you'll find what people here thought of at least one or two of them.

        One of the most famous gastropubs in London is the Anchor & Hope, right down the street from Waterloo Station. One has to get there early to avoid a long queue.

        All you want to eat in London is pub food?

        1. you should def try the anchor and hope - indisputably the best. Try Great Queen Street in covent Garden, not quite piccadilly but close enough

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            I think we should add that's the name of the restaurant AND the street, too. It's so confusing for people who don't live here. :-)

          2. try The Princess at 76 Paul Street in the Old Street area. I had a very nice birthday meal there. I think you'll find other mentions of it on Chowhound if you search as that was how I originally came across it.

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              Thanks - we will be going and checking them all out- I am doing the research at the moment for 4 chefs.- who want to do the Gastro pub crawl in London. We are from Canada and the US

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                If you are chefs, then I'd aim high and try to get to the best of the lot. I'm sure you know of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck. Go out by train (not far from London) to his gastropub, The Hinds Head, in Bray near Windsor. I think it's pub food at it's best and what this cuisine is all about. I've never had such good pea soup or chips (french fries). It's worth the effort and tons better than what you'll get in most London gastropubs.