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Apr 30, 2008 06:40 PM

jfood at Commanders - Great food/service

If people consider Commanders Palace a tourist trap then take Jfood's foot from Connecticut and stick it in the trap and pull the cord. The room is beautiful, the service perfect and the food absolutely delicious.

On this trip Jfood ordered “The Box”. Each night, the chef choices one appetizer (usually the Turtle Soup), one entrée (tonight was the fish) and a choice of two desserts (always has the bread pudding) that customers can order. And the price is about as great as the food, $39 for all three courses.

The Turtle Soup was fantastic, deep flavor, lots of meat and a good addition of some sherry. The fish with crab-boiled vegetables was perfectly cooked, light and had great flavor. Then Jfood's favorite dessert, the Commander’s Bread Pudding. The addition of the famous bourbon sauce was just great.

The service was also impeccable. Commander’s almost over-staffs the restaurant but does not overstay their welcome at the table. They know when to come, when to leave and the items on the table are always kept current from the bread to the drinks to the utensils to the bringing and removing of the dishes.

So to the Brennans and the staff of Commander’s Palace, thank you again for a great Sunday dinner.

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  1. Had lunch there last month. Perfect. Every single thing was perfect and the food was outstanding. I like the booth in the right river side corner of the restaurant, as you enter the main dining room. Great for people watching.

    1. Commander's is great. Much better than before the storm.

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      1. re: N.O.Food

        Ditto...we were there last week and it was an absolutely perfect meal. Perfect service, perfect food, I am still thinking about it. Our best meal in Nola by far.

        1. re: jinx

          Yeah, I can't say enough about them. They're the only place that I've been to since K that has been consistently outstanding every time.

      2. Glad to hear they are still doing well. We will return next October for a convention and we are already talking about some of the great meals we will have.