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Apr 30, 2008 06:05 PM

where to live/eat in boston?


I know this question is sort of random for chowhound, but I'm moving to Boston this summer, and my fiance and I are trying to figure out where the best area is to live that will have REALLY good places to eat <b>within walking distance</b> and also have good delivery. I know we don't want to live around Charles St./Beacon Hill.

For reference, we are big fans of:
comfort food (american),
bars with great burgers,
and organic/vegetarian food.

don't really do the indian thing too often, but having <b>really good</b> chinese and/or mexican delivery is important.

Any suggestions much appreciated. THANKS!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. For me it would depend upon the kind of neighborhood you like (whether you want a yard or more of a city experience) and where/how you're communting (T vs car, downtown or elsewhere). I live in Newton Centre, within a few blocks there are around 20 restaurants plus bakeries and butchers (including everything you mention except an organic place, but there's a Whole Foods 1/2 mile down Beacon), there is a Green line T stop and it's convenient to 128.

        1. The great thing about Boston is that you can get almost anywhere in about 45 minutes either walking or via public transit. I would pick your neighborhood based on the sort of community you want to live in and go to the following parts of town for the different kinds of food you listed. The North End, which is off the orange and green lines has tons of great Italian places. Comfort food and burger bars are a dime a dozen, but the best burger I've had in Boston so far (we've been living here since last summer) was at PF O'Sullivan's in Somerville. Fugaku in Brookline has pretty good sushi although I've heard that Gari's, in the same area, is better. I know good Chinese places exist, but I haven't found them yet. I lived in Houston for 7+ years before moving here and am definately missing good Mexican/Tex-Mex. Good luck with your move!

          1. As I've said in previous threads, Roslindale should be on any list of good "food neighborhoods," especially if you're at all into cooking. It's also one of the friendliest, quietest, and most affordable neighborhoods in the city. You can live in a victorian house plus walk to the excellent restaurants.

            We have all of the above except possibly the chinese and the veg (though they are both nearby), plus much much more as the commercials say. And it is extremely different from Beacon Hill. There was a recent article in the Globe which talked about all this, plus some gloom and doom about the local economy (overstated).

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              I moved from Charlestown (a very nice neighborhood, but a culinary wasteland) to Coolidge Corner. I am loving it! Green Line access, dozens and dozens of restaurants in the neighborhood, and an easy walk to Allston.

              1. re: drewames03

                I second the Coolidge Corner recommendation, it's a really great area, with a good variety of restaurants, the amazing Coolidge Corner theatre, and also sufficiently quiet in places (compared to Allston, anyway).

                Also, it's debatable, but I'm of the opinion that of all the T lines, the Green Line is the best to have quick and easy access to (which is a definite advantage to living in Coolidge Corner).