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Apr 30, 2008 05:47 PM

08 Farmers Markets FFD Cty

I *think* the Westport Winter Farmers Market just had thier last wknd 4/26 (if I am wrong - please advise). Does anyone have a clue as to when the spring/summer markets are opening and in what order? It is May 1 tomorrow, anywhere this month?

My guess is New Canaan will be in another 6ish weeks :(

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  1. amanda3571...I was there the Saturday before last and asked one of the vendors (I think it was the Sankow Beaver Brook Farm ladies). They said that they will be in Fairfield through the end of May, and then will begin the first week in June at the Westport Country Playhouse parking lot. She told me they will not even take a break in between, which I thought was great! You can always call someone to verify this. Here is their website:

    1. The Fairfield Market will run through May and Westport will begin the first week of June. All news and schedules will be posted on our website as information becomes available. Also, you can find a listing of ALL CT farmers markets on the Dept. of Ag website., soon their page will be updated for the '08 season. For markets without websites of their own, search the Local Harvest Listings.

      Disclosure: I manage the Westport and Fairfield markets (but not the Fairfield/Greenfield Hills Summer Market.) Tried not to shill too much, because what really matters is getting local food on our tables. Happy foraging!

      1. I was there on Saturday May 3rd - still going strong!

        1. The Greenwich Farmer's Market (in the parking lot off of I-95 exit 3) is open from 9:30am - 1:00pm from May 17 to December 20 this year. While not big, you can find some great produce from Connecticut farmers. I especially enjoy the super-fresh milk.

          1. PB did a nice article on the markets!


            Interesting blurb on Beldotti's:
            At the New Canaan farmers’ market the biggest crowds cluster around the double-long stand of Beldotti Bakeries. Visitors reach for samples of Beldotti’s crusty country bread, topped with freshly made mozzarella, drizzled with pesto. Beldotti’s retail outlet is in Stamford, but New Canaan is the only farmers’ market where their products are sold. Their fresh mozzarella is actually made in East Haven at Calabro Cheese. It sells for $8 a pound, as does each small plastic container of pesto. The 10 or 12 bread types go for $5 to $6.50.

            lso interesting to note - Calabro website says Pepe's uses their mozz exclusively.

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              I thought it was interesting too, but more because they totally ignored the fact that Beldotti's is at the Westport Farmers Market on Sundays at Imperial Avenue. That market was not even mentioned...granted it's nowhere near as nice as the Thursday one in Westport, but still, I thought it was odd that she said that Beldotti's only sell at the New Canaan market.

              1. re: sibeats

                I think they must have just started selling at the Immperial Ave market. Last summer I think they only sold at NC.

                1. re: amanda3571

                  The sunday market is definitely new this year, but it's been in operation for at least a month now and Beldotti's has been there since the start. No big deal, I just thought it was a bit strange!

              2. re: amanda3571

                So jfood sleeps a little lateon a sunday, reads the NYTimes and sees the article. He thinks, oh boy, everyone will now know the cheese is from Calabro, solving the mystery on the boards.

                And his two buddies already have it here. Good news for all.

                Jfood went around 12 yesterday and the place was already really picked over, but he served the tomato, mozzy pesto plate last night to company and it was once again a big hit.

                Thanks NC market, ans thanks amanda and sibeats.

                1. re: jfood

                  Fodor Farm in Norwalk has a farmers' market Sunday from 1-4