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Apr 30, 2008 05:41 PM

YVR and Nanaimo - is there dog-friendly alfresco dining?


A friend and I will be travelling to Nanaimo via Vancouver in order to attend a dog show in June. My fun loving flat coated retriever will be joining us (since he's the point of the journey, after all). We will be staying 3 nights in Nanaimo, and one night in Vancouver, likely near the airport, before we head home.

Most of the pet-friendly hotels either want your pet to be kennelled while you're out, or don't want them left alone in the room. That's got me wondering - are there any restaurants in the Nanaimo area or near the Vancouver airport that:

1. Have a patio
2. Turn a blind eye to a well behaved puppy
3. Since this is ... have hound-worthy food? (Chow-hound, not hound-hound - he's not picky, my friend and I like the good stuff!)

If you can't satisfy all three things on my wishlist, I would be interested in hearing about any places that satisfy either 1 or 2 out of three.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have taken my dog to a few places with patios on Commercial Dr which is a dog-friendly personal favorite is Stella's where I have sat at a table right next to my dog a number of times. The patio fills up quickly if it is a nice day. Many people tie up their dogs at Havana's too...they keep a bowl of water at the hitching post. The dogs never get bored...passersby give them lots of attention.

    1. There are also a couple of restaurants in yaletown that have patios: Glowbal, Milestone's. I can't vouch for the food at any of these places. I have definitely seen dogs tied up next to their owners out there. Vancouver isn't quite as dog-friendly as Seattle was when I lived there, but it's catching up.

      1. Ha ha - my recco. is Stella's on Commercial also. The folks there seem to really LIKE dogs (they always bring my dog a water dish), and I have spent many a pleasant afternoon on their sunny patio, slipping mussles thru the fence to my husky dog :)

        1. Also Go Fish (near Granville Island) has a little pocket park just up the stairs behind it, you and pooch could hang out up there with some fish and chips, enjoy the view and maybe sneak a swim after.