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Apr 30, 2008 05:40 PM

New Discoveries

I am a long time Seattleite and have been to most of the standard Seattle icon restaurants. I am currently building a list of new (at least new to me) eateries that I must check out over the spring/summer months with a group of commited foodies. Nothing highly pretentious or necessarily fancy, just newer spots providing new experiences. So far my list includes: Txori, Harvest vine, How to cook a wolf, Tilth, Trellis, Coupage, 94 Stewart, Asteroid ristorante, Tamarind tree, and La Dolce Vida. I would like some help with rounding out the list with some insights from fellow chow hound members. Thanks in advance for any insights provided.

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  1. possible additions without knowing where you have been:

    Ocho, Quinn's, Licorous, Portage, Cafe Presse

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    1. re: little ms foodie

      Thanks Ms Foodie.I know my post is a little vague, just not sure how else to phrase the question. I HAVE NOT been to the restaurants you mentioned and look forward to adding them to our list.

    2. That's a pretty good list. New are:
      Lunchbox laboratory - 73rd & 15th NW
      Green Leaf - 418 Eighth Ave S
      Szechuan 99 - Shoreline
      Art of the Table

      1. I would add Boat Street Cafe for lunch (I think they do brunch too on the weekends?), I love the space and have always had amazing service.

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        1. re: nseattlefoodie

          I just had a great dinner at the Boat Street myself. First time at the new space. Still as great as ever!!!

        2. I would substitute Joule for Coupage. The chefs who opened Coupage left shortly thereafter and opened Joule last fall.

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          1. re: Daniel

            I would keep both Joule and Coupage. I'd eaten at Coupage before the chefs left and I've eaten at Joule three times now. I'm not as in love with their cooking at Joule as I was at Coupage.

          2. In addition to those already mentioned, you could try:

            Pair (Low key French in U Village/Ravenna area)
            Beato (bistro food in W. Seattle)
            Tilth (higher-end organic in Wallingford)
            Triangle (Fremont - just got a new chef from Portland. Profiled in Seattle Times on 4/25.

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            1. re: frygirl

              Frygirl, have you been to the new "Triangle Pub"?

              I have been with new chef, but I just can't imagine it as much more than the beer and food (mostly beer) place that it has been in the past. I know the article makes it sound fancied up, but does it really exist above other "bar & grill" type places?

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                Some of my favorites....Marjorie, Zoe, and Lark. Plus, anyone ever check out Pair?

                1. re: samsmom2000

                  I liked Pair, I actually just wrote a review of it for a new magazine coming out in June (Wino Magazine).

                  It is really pleasant atmosphere, simple food, a few execution gaffs, but the kind of place you really want to like enough that those don't matter. Definetly worth a try for a small plate and glass of wine, if nothing else.

                  1. re: dagoose

                    I love Pair - it's just a wonderful, cozy space with reliably yummy food. And easy parking, too!

                2. re: GreenYoshi

                  I haven't been to the Triangle since the new chef took over, but it's on my list to try very soon. Pair is one of my favorites. I enjoy the food, atmosphere and prices. It has the whole package!