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Apr 30, 2008 05:19 PM

Restaurants that make you leave your neighborhood?

So I should be studying, but...

We all kind of like to stay in our neighborhoods, which is understandable, most of us have good chow nearby, are tired or don't have cars, or don't feel like the hassle.

So my question is what restaurants will make you cross town? Not necessarily high end places we will all go further for a big special night, but the small places you crave from across town, I live in NOVA, so places that make me cross town or that I am going to cross town for after finals but haven't been to yet are:

Palena Cafe (the back part I like, but it is more special occasion)
Creme Cafe I haven't been to yet, but I am going to cross town for this one
Same with Marvin and Oohs and Aahs, but I gotta spread my Southern out...
Cheeburger Cheeburger
Bob's Noodle
Carolina Brother's BBQ
Hank's Oyster Bar (now I can go to Old Town)
Potato Valley in Annapolis, I heard they have one in DC, but have never had a chance to call and find out.
Taqueria Poblano

So what will you come out for?

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  1. The biggest place I crossed town for was Eve. I went all the way to VA (!!!!) for that meal ;) I craved it even before I got there...and it was totally worth it. At least for a special occassion. At another time me and some gfs from all over DC/MD/VA met at Majestic---again worth it. I know, I know---I'm a snob. I don't like to leave the District if at all avoidable, but that's just a fact of life.

    I will travel across town to Bistro Bis's Sunday brunch. Considering I'm up on on the Hill/Eastern Market M-F for work, I tend not to like to go near there on weekends. But Bistro Bis makes it worth it.

    And I would travel anywhere for California Tortilla :)

    1. I've driven to Annandale for Bon Chon and Cheogajip, but something has come up on my hajj both times.

      I will go tomorrow!

      1. I regularly cross the the Potomac River (and DC) on many a Tuesday to get the lamb shank w/ fava bean & dill rice at Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon. It's that 1/2 cup of rendered lamb fat to pour over the special rice that puts it into a "gotta have it" category.

        1. The Potato Valley in DC is on E St, NW, between 6th and 7th Sts, on the the southern side of the block... I, um, sort of accidentally go there often for lunch.

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            Ooooo what's the Potato Valley? Please tell me it has to do with yummy baked potatos!

            1. re: Elyssa

              Here is their website, they make very yummy baked potatoes and also have sandwiches and salads, and desserts normally.

              They have one on state circle in Annapolis right by the state house, so when I worked in the state house we would do big orders there for lunch and it was addictive. I don't think they are open for dinner, but their baked potatoes are excellent. My favorites are the bunch of veggies, especially the blue cheese one. They also have a cuban chicken one that is really good. When we would do really big orders (the amendment office did some major business there) they would throw in a few free brownies. As I recall they also had good iced tea, I don't remember why it was so good, but people getting food from elsewhere would still ask for us to get them one of their iced teas.

              It could always be a lunch stop when you go to Annapolis and are near the state house :)

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Sounds good. I could go when I go to Annapolis this summer...or if I'm near E and 6th for a meeting sometime or over the weekend.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  I've never seen it or heard anyone talk about it, but seems cool...more cold weather food though....but that's just me.

                  1. re: Jeserf

                    What I really liked is that it isn't your normal baked potato and its not like most stuffed baked potatoes you get places, if I could make them like this at home oh my... they have a lot of veggies and it is like getting a salad or something in a baked potato and the potato itself is overwhelming the salad part they complement nicely. It is hard to describe... maybe food.fiend can describe them better, but it is addictive just to warn.

            2. re: food.fiend

              That isn't too far from the court houses will have to remember that when I am over there, thank you food.fiend, I had seen it on the website and never knew if it actually existed.

            3. I live near Silver Spring, Maryland, so I often go to either the Clarendon, Virginia area for:

              Thai -- Thai Square (Glebe/Columbia Pike). The best crispy squid (fried calamari)!
              Brunch -- Boulevard Woodgrill (eggs benedict w/smoked salmon) or Whitlows (huge breakfast/lunch buffet selection, including crab legs).

              Or I go to Chinatown (DC) for:

              Pizza -- Matchbox, not the best pizza I've ever had, but the atmosphere/location is a big part of it. The downside is the wait, and the fact you can't be seated until your entire party arrives -- sometimes annoying.
              Tapas -- Jaleo
              Indian -- Rasika

              Other places would be:

              Falafels -- El Khartum (Florida Ave) or stuff-your-own at Amsterdam Falafel on 18th.
              Burgers -- Any Five Guys! Marvin. Bleu cheese burger @Quarry House in Silver Spring (Cheating! That's not far from me! Haha)

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                You should consider travelling less for falafel and just go to Max┬┤s kosher deli