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Apr 30, 2008 04:58 PM

Grass-Fed Burgers in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

My friend just gave up vegetarianism after 10 years and will only eat free range grass-fed meats. She's having an intense burger craving but doesn't necessarily want to make it herself. Are there any restaurants in the area where she can get one?

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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I think that Garden at the Cellar may have them...I would call and ask though.

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      Garden's menu claims the beef is grass-fed. I had one the other night. Very tasty, but I'm not a huge fan of the brioche bun - it's a bit too thick and the burger doesn't really need any the richness.

      The fries are superb, I think among the top 5 in the area. My DC had a pea green salad with lobster, orange, and avocado.

      We split the pork rillettes, which was fantastic, but the portion was insanely large. Enough for a table of 6 to split - looked like a full cup's worth.

    2. Christopher's in Porter Square
      KO Prime

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        Christopher’s states on their website that they use Coleman's beef which is not pasture fed. I believe they finish the cattle on grain. It's also $7 which is just about an impossible price for true grass fed.

        KO Prime doesn't even list a hamburger on their online menu and does not mention at all about what meat they use. If they use "Prime" beef in their burgers I would assume it's not pasture fed.

        Zon's doesn't specify on their website if their burger is grass-fed or not which leads me to believe it isn’t.

        Pasture fed beef is significantly more expensive and tastes different from corn fed beef. It’s not an item you would be vague about on your menu. If these places were serving true pasture beef I would think it would be highlighted.

        When you were there, was it a special? Did the menu state it was grass-fed? Maybe their websites are out of date....

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          I mistook a grass-fed steak at KO Prime for a burger. I haven't been to Chrisptopher's in 4 years, and my memory isn't that good. I think Zon's is specified as grass-fed on their menu.

      2. Centre Street Cafe carries burgers from Red River Farm (Red Rock?) that are grass fed and hormone-free -- but only at lunch. They often sell out as well, so call ahead.

        1. I think its the cattle that are grass-fed, not the burgers.


          As gini mentioned, I'm pretty sure Zon's has them.

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            Not sure about Zon's -- I think sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.