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Apr 30, 2008 04:05 PM

Plastic thermoses, How the HELL do you clean them?

Some time ago I bought a quantiy of cold beverage plastic thromese with metal screw on caps and bases (the kind that are sold in baskets in Starbuck's) which I use on a weekly basis. I have however begun to notice traces of black mold speking the inner surfaces and every method I have tried to clean them has failed. I let the stand with boing water in them run them through the diswasher filled then with soapy water and let the water sit in them for 6 days (i.e from one time I needed them to the next) but nothing seems to remove or even loosen the mold a scrip brish removed some, but the desgin of the bottles means that large secions are unreachable with any kind of brush and that where a lot of the mold is growing. I haven't gotten sick yet but I'm beggin to worry. Has anyone else had this proalbme with these thermoses and if so do you happen to know what to do to clean them?

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  1. I use a baby bottle brush to clean all my thermoses and plastic and stainless steel sippy cups for my kids and have never had a mold problem. I rinse them out as soon as I get home, scrub quickly with the brush and then put in the dishwasher to be washed that night.

    I suspect letting them sit for days with water inside is what's causing the mold problem.

    1. Try soaking the whole thing in a mild solution of bleach and water...a teaspoon in a gallon should kill anything in there.

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        Bleach and water should do it ,,,,or you can go to a reastaurant supply store and pick up a bottle of quatanary ammonia tablets relatively inexpensive.....most food service orgs. use quat to sanitize hard surface utensils/pots/pans etc.........most mold remediation companies use this as their go to product in spray bottles for spot is less harsh than bleach yet as effective.......