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Leftover Asparagus Stalks - What should I do with them?

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I have been obsessively saving the pieces of asparagus that I snap off the end of the stalks and sticking them in my freezer. Now my freezer is overflowing with them and I don't know what to make. Does anyone have suggestions for a good cream of asparagus soup recipe or anything else that would help me use up some of these asparagus pieces?

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  1. I chop up all but the woodiest parts, cook, and give to my dogs ...

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    1. re: foiegras

      I simmer even the woodiest with other veggies, maybe some protein and a little stock and give it to my dog too!

    2. I've tried cooking them, putting them in the blender, and making cream of asparagus soup with them, but they were just too woody. The only thing I know to do with them is to use them to add flavor to stock.

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        Yup, stock. I did that last night for an asparagus risotto and it was lovely.

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          Stock indeed. I save cuttings from all my vegetables and when that freezer baggie is full they go into the pot with herbs and other seasonings and simmer away to create a tasty and versatile broth.

      2. Another, stock person here.

        1. Me, too, for stock. Everything goes into the bag in the freezer.