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Apr 30, 2008 03:44 PM

outdoor wood stove plans

im looking for some plans to build an outdoor grill-stove-oven ,maybe even a smoker on the side .pics would be great too,i got an eager mason ready to go.thanks y'all !!!

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  1. As a major fan of the classic tile/masonry kitchen ranges or "kachelherde" of Germany and Austria, I was thinking that a design of this nature might be adaptable to an outdoor kitchen. Perhaps the only option over here in the US as most houses are not constructed to withstand a masonry structure of several tons in the kitchen!
    Pictured is an antique tile range in an Austrian farmhouse. Iron cook top is to the right, heated by the firebox on the right side not very visible in the photo. The double ovens with their doors open are also heated by this firebox. In the middle angled section, the smaller double doors (closed) are for a built-in brick bread oven, direct fired with wood in the traditional method. The larger double doors to the far left with firebox door beneath enclose a vertical smoking chamber or "selchkammer". Typically used for hot or cold smoking meats. All fireboxes and the bread oven vent into a common chimney.
    Oh how I would love one of these in my kitchen, but perhaps an outdoor version is more feasible

      1. For a brick oven, check out