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Sushi in Deerfield

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Staying in Deerfield Monday night. Can you suggest a great sushi spot?

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  1. Kamahachi -- www.kamehachi.com -- (sister restaurant to the one on Wells St.) is in Northbrook. Nothing fancy or trendy, but reliable, fresh good sushi.

    1. Kamehachi is in Northbrook - it is one of my favorite Sushi restaurants in Chicago area - http://www.kamehachi.com/

      Northbrook is a suburb next to deerfield -

      1320 Shermer Road, Northbrook, IL 60062

      1. For great, you might wanna think about RT Lounge in Wheeling. I've never been, but have heard good things. Kamehachi is kinda standard stuff. I'd assume at Kamehachi, however, that you'd get a fine meal if you let the chef hook you up with whatever is the freshest stuff.

        1. Head north on Waukegan Rd. into Lake Forrest to Sushi Kushi Toyo.


          1. Head north on Waukegan Rd. in Lake Forrest to Sushi Kushi Toyo.


            1. Without question, Fugiyama in Northbrook on Dundee and Landwehr. The hostess/owner isn't the nicest, but the sushi is excellent.

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                Fugiyama is by far the best in the area also if you just want to go into a fish store that has a sushi counter Sea Ranch in Wilmette has some of the freshest fish around

              2. I've heard great things about all the recommendations (and thoroughly enjoy Kamehachi!!). Another suggestion I might have is Wild Fish in the Deerfield Rd./Waukegan plaza.