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Apr 30, 2008 02:58 PM

Recommendations? Vegetarian Cook Book with Nutrition Information?

My friend is graduating from college with a degree in nutrition. I wanted to get her a great vegetarian cookbook. I had a few in mind, but it seems she wants something that has the nutrition information printed next to the recipe. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Non-veg cookbooks are good too, as long as they aren't too meat-centric.

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  1. i find that the cookbooks w/ nutritional info are usually low-fat, etc.
    but some good ones i use are 'moosewood restaurant's low fat favorites' and 'the millenium cookbook'. i also use'1,001 low fat vegetarian recipes' but often 'fatten' it up a bit.

    1. Diana Shaw's "The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook" has nutritional info for each recipe, along with a great index of fruits, vegetables, and staple products listed with their nutritional content and methods for prepping and cooking. I'm a part-time vegetarian but this cookbook is a staple in my kitchen.


        The Romantic Vegetarian by Judith Sharlin,, R.D.
        Yummy recipes, not low calorie, for special occasions. I believe the nutritional breakdown is in the back of the book. Lovingly calculated by hand in 1984—before all the nutritional tools on the Internet.

        1. Laurel's Kitchen for lacto-ovo vegetarian.

          1. Thank you for these suggestions. I went through so many beautiful cookbooks at the bookstore, and none of them had nutritional information. The only ones that did were cookbooks for disease-related diets and weight-loss. I thought maybe I would have to give up on getting one. The bookstore guy actually handed me a cookbook for IBS. I was thinking...are you crazy? That would be an awesome graduation present to give, especially since the graduate does not suffer--as far as I know--from Irritable Bowell Syndrome. Maybe he didn't know what "IBS" stands for?

            I'll look up all these books online! If you have any more suggestions, I would love to hear them.

            Thanks again!

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              Patricia Wells' Vegetarian Harvest does have nutrional information, but I wasn't a big fan of it when it was "cookbook of the month". Beautiful book, and I did find a couple of recipes that I like (but they were mostly non-veg).

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                The cookbook that Andrew Weil did with Rosie someone a few years back is mostly vegetarian (there are a handful of chicken and fish recipes, but the rest is veg) and basic but good, and has nutritional info.