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Apr 30, 2008 02:57 PM

Looking for suggestions from the experts...

I'm looking for Parisians (or those with good knowledge of Paris) to critique my list of restaurants and dining options. I am in Paris for 5 days and 4 nights. I've compiled this list from Chowhound and other sources. I would love input on: additions/ subtractions/ alternatives and general menu suggestions. Right now this list is longer than I will be able to eat my way through : ) ....MERCI!

L’ As Du Falafel

Café Des Phares

Baten Lvre

Relais de Venise

Ze Kitchen Galerie

Le Comptior

Picnic Jardin Du Luxembourg


Le Hangar

L’ Oulette

L’ Antre Armis


La Table de Robuchon

Rue Cler

Le Boussole

La Cave de I’Os a Moelle

Picnic Champ de Mars

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  1. I don't know everything on your list, but it looks pretty good, although souphie just commented that a recent meal at Ze Kitchen Galerie was underwhelming.

    I ate at L'As du Falafel, Le Hangar (twice) and L'Oulette when I was in Paris in March, and liked all of them. In fact, I loved Le Hangar. In my trip report, I said that I may have liked it more than the Louvre. Not everyone will agree, but for me it was exactly the kind of restaurant with the kind of food I went to Paris hoping to find.

    I was a little worried about L'As du Falafel; that it would be nothing but an overrated tourist trap, but it turned out to be great. Wonderful loaded falafal sandwich, good frites and lemonade. Were there a bunch of tourists? Yes, but there were also a bunch of neighborhood French people, especially at the indoor tables. As long as you are on the block, stop in Sasha Finkelstein for dessert.

    L'Oulette was really good too. My daughter had calamari in a brown sauce that was different from the preparations we have had at home, and was delicious. The waitstaff was young, casual and fun.

    Planning on a couple of picnic meals is a great idea too. Don't forget to have a cafe meal or two, or at least stop for coffee or a glass of wine, and people-watching.

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      Wow, you certainly hit a number of places on my list. Did you go to the L’ Oulette at 15 Place Lachambeaudie (in the 12th)? Any notable cafes you would recommend? Thank you!

      1. re: Rockgrappler

        I'm sorry, I went to Bistrot de L'Oulette in the Marais, not the fancier restaurant in the 12th.

        I did go to a couple of good cafes, but you should just look around the area where your hotel is, or wherever you happen to be when you want to stop, for a likely looking cafe. A cafe is not the financial investment that a restaurant is, and isn't a huge investment of time unless you want it to be, so it is really safe and fun to wing it.