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Annex restaurants

I am renting an apartment in the Annex for two weeks in May: partly for work, partly to visit with my son. Looking for restaurants in the Annex that a singleton would enjoy. From Vancouver, so really love good food.

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  1. Two of my favourites: Dessert Trends Bistro and Boulevard Cafe. The first is only open for lunch during the week and brunch on the weekends. The space is beautiful and on a nice day, you can sit at a two-top next to one of the open french doors. The food is wonderful -- French, with several international influences (good coffee, too) -- and the staff is sweet (and sometimes flaky). Boulevard Cafe is just down the street. Fantastic large patio, great Peruvian food. Both are on Harbord.

    1. okay, I know that this may sound like nit-picking but technically, historically, officially and geographically, the Annex neighbourhood does not extend south of Bloor.

      So you will find may fine restaurants on Harbord and they may be within walking distance but they are not in the "Annex".

      Here are search results from the Ontaro places hub for restos in or near the Annex -

      Personally, I like By The Way cafe and (and fine for a singleton) -

      and I disliked Kilgours

      By The Way
      400 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X5, CA

      1. The Annex encompasses a large area...I like Expresso Bar at St George and Bloor..on South East corner....Miranda

        1. Le Paradis on Bedford, sit at the bar. Great place for a singleton (or to go with your son!)

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            oh how could I have forgotten Le Paradis! I second that recommendation.

            Le Paradis
            166 Bedford Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2K9, CA

          2. While it may or (probably) may not "technically" be in the Annex, the Universal Grill is Annex-y (and a nice walk on a May evening).

            I also like Bar Mercurio (again, probably out of bounds technically, but Annex-ish).

            And there are lots of great picks along Harbord. Take a short walk and see what feels good to you. I find Messis very reliable. 93 Harbord is a nice Middle Eastern bistro, the Harbord Room is on my list (but I can't actually vouch).

            In the Annex super-proper, I've probably been under-whelmed, but if you go further along Bloor (West), you'll hit some Korean and African as well.

            1. Bistro Tournesol was quite good (haven't been there in quite a while).

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                Some of my fav. Annex haunts: Sushi on Bloor and Victory Cafe.

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                  I heart the Victory. Nice patio, too.

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                  We enjoy Bistro Tournesol also. Great atmosphere and reasonably priced!

                3. Since you're from B.C. I wouldn't suggest our wonderfully cheap Annex sushi, although I love it personally.

                  But I second Le Paradis (French bistro, reasonable pricing, can eat at the bar), and would suggest Mount Everest (Nepalese and Indian) and Thai Basil as well.

                  Enjoy your visit!

                  Thai Basil
                  467 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X9, CA

                  Mt Everest Restaurant
                  469 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X9, CA

                  1. Le paradis, absolutely! Second Mt. Everest, yum!

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                      Sushi on Bloor is great for the hustle and bustle,
                      Roof top at poppers pub is good for a pint
                      Aroma cafe is nice aswell

                    2. Also Indian Rice Factory

                      Indian Rice Factory
                      414 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R1V9, CA

                      1. Butler's pantry, yo.
                        "like eating at a UN food court"
                        great patio too

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                          Yo pale sista!

                          Butler's Pantry is indeed like eating at a UN food court: everything toned down and either half-warm or half-cold. Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none syndrome. All too common. Decent patio, but ...

                          Victory Café, down the block on the corner has a superior patio and menu too. The microbrew selection is excellent and the indentured (OK, I'm sure they get paid at least minimum wage) Sri Lankans in the kitchen turn out tasty grub.

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                            southern accent for cajun - just west of honest eds and just south of bloor. ezras pound for coffee on dupont just west of lcbo.

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                              Victory Cafe... very good burger there.

                          2. Thanks for the great suggestions. Minor confession - my son works part time at Dooney's to support his writing habit - from the lack of comments, and other stuff I have picked up elsewhere, I guess the food is pretty bad??

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                              Personal opinion: Dooney's is ok, but nothing special. Inexpensive but the food is hit or miss.

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                                I recently have heard that they have redone their menu (or, were going to), so perhaps it has improved. Unfortunately, over the years, Dooney's as had some high highs and low lows. Tough call.