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Apr 30, 2008 02:34 PM

Pacific Catch 9th Ave.,

I guess this place is a small chain but I'm curious if anyone has tried it, a search turned up only a small amount of info. What are the prices like?

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    1. The menu on their Web site has prices.

      Some reports:

      Pacific Catch
      1200 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

      1. i happened to try PC yesterday. i had the ahi poke bowl from there last night via takeout. i felt it was mediocre and overpriced for what i got. the ahi was not very high quality, though there was a substantial portion of it. indeed, the bowl portion itself was substantial, i could not finish it. but then again, i didn't want to, really. it was only ok. i kept thinking of all the better meals i could have had for $15.

        i wouldn't go back there again.

        1. Its OK. I've been 2-3 times when I've had a largish group with kids and didn't have a reso - so its good for that. The seaweed salad is really god and I thought the fried oysters were good - I went to Nick's Cove 2 days before my last time at Pacific Catch and the fried oysters were inedible (and the entire meal was also wholly medicore at twice the prices of Pacific Catch) . Fish and chips just OK. Coconut shrimp are not worth ordering. Basic sushi is generic/bland but generous.