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Apr 30, 2008 01:55 PM

Great place for lunch in the Loop or near north?

Any recommendations for a lunch on Frdiay? We''ll just be in town for one day. We have a car so can drive. I'm looking for fabulous food.

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  1. Two suggestions: Topolobampo (still has space on OpenTable) and Custom House. I've been to both recently, and they're superb.

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    1. re: gymp

      Good advice; Topolobampo ( ) and Custom House ( ) are excellent recommendations. Topolobampo is just north of the Loop, and Custom House is just south of the Loop.

      Here are three more: Blackbird ( ), just west of the Loop. In the Loop itself, Vivere ( ), in the Italian Village complex, and Atwood Cafe ( ).

      The cuisine at Topolobampo is regional Mexican, at Vivere it's Italian, and it's contemporary American at the others. All of these except Blackbird accept reservations on

      Leave the car parked wherever it is. Either walk or take a cab.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        I'll throw out there Atwood Cafe, in the Hotel Burnham, State and Washington. We had a nice brunch there last weekend, and the rest of the menu looked nice. I would definitely try it for lunch if I was down during the week. They will valet park.

        1. re: aviva1

          Yes, I like Atwood Cafe a lot. It has a "luxury hotel coffeeshop" atmosphere, which is to say, comfortably overstuffed seats, a very high level of service, etc. I also love dining at street level in the middle of the Loop with the world passing by outside the big windows. You can read the menu on their website (see link above in my previous post).