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Apr 30, 2008 01:51 PM

Group dinner in Charleston

I'm planning a meeting in downtown Charleston - any recs for some regional cuisine withing walking distance for 30-40 people??

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    1. re: BlueHerons

      The heron must not eat at SNOB very often, they can rarely accomodate a 6 top, unless you rent the entire restaurant. The food isn't what it used to be anyway, try Magnolias upstairs for private dining.

      1. re: stella72

        About twice a month and we've had parties many times of 12-20.

        1. re: BlueHerons

          you could also try McCrady's - i hear their private room is really nice. also, went to a dinner for about 30 people at Cypress earlier this week - also a good choice.

          1. re: RDfoodie

            Thanks for the recs - we ended up at Cru Cafe as they could take 30 that included the upstairs private room that held 21. Great food, reasonably priced - lots of fun sitting at the high table looking into the kitchen!!