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Apr 30, 2008 01:39 PM

Duplicating Absolut New Orleans

So, my future SIL and I bought the last 3 bottles of Absolut New Orleans from the last liquor store that has it (that we know of) in ATL. I've committed to trying to duplicate ANO via infusion. The flavors are mango with a hint of black pepper. Any suggestions? My biggest concern is whether I should grind the pepper or go with whole peppercorns. And if I do grind it, will I be able to strain it out? Thoughts on the ratio would be great too. Thanks!

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  1. Good luck with the duplication, It's easier to get the pepper flavor than the mango flavor. I think the whole peppercorns should be fine, but if you decide to grind it you should be able to strain them out through a coffee filter.

    1. I love Absolut New Orleans as well, I think rather than grind or leave the black peppercorns whole, the best way would be to crack them with a pan. This way you don't lose too much flavor (grinding) but you get enough. When you leave them whole you aren't going to get a lot of flavor.. There should be no problem with putting mango in the vodka, it's not going to go bad right? Alcohol is a preservative for sure. One thing, you could chop the mango up and just strain the black peppercorns out (not sure how that would work). You could leave little diced mango, now soaked with vodka, in your vodka shots! Let me know how that goes!

      1. Well.... How did it go??? I've never seen or tried this Vodka, but I'm very interested in it. Look forward to hearing more....

        1. There is mango flavor extract. Putting fruit in will get some of the flavors but not necessarily the flavors you associate with eating a fruit. Plus, putting fruit in there will add some cloudiness.

          One way to get a recipe is making concentrated extracts in small bottles and adding the pepper and mango flavors dropwise (or tsp-wise) until its just right.

          1. You've checked Tower, Green's, Jax, Ansley Wine, Pearson's, Sherlock's, Toco Giant, Rocky's, Mack's, Mink's, Total Wine, etc including multiple locations? Just wondering.

            FWIW, I've gotten lucky a couple of times at Rocky's (on Briarcliff) finding high-grav beers that are long gone elsewhere (SN Bigfoot, etc) and previous years bottlings of Evan Wm.s Single Barrel. Not the best prices, but usually stuff you'd never get otherwise.