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Apr 30, 2008 01:20 PM

Eating in Orillia

We are heading up to Orillia in a couple of weeks for a concert at Casino Rama. Does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurants for dinner and breakfast?

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  1. I can't say anything about breakfast, but if you're going to be at the Casino I'd definitely suggest you do dinner there.
    I've eaten at both St. Germain's and Rinaldo's. The former is a steakhouse, the latter Italian.
    I'd say I prefer Rinaldo's because it has a quainter feel, but they're both great depending on what you're looking for. I've had nothing but good experiences at each restaurant.

    I've never really eaten out in Orillia, just to a few chain-restaurants. So I'm not sure what's in the city itself.

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      There was a recent thread -

      Mixx Bistro was recommended.

      Mixx Bistro
      2 Front St N, Orillia, ON L3V4R5, CA

    2. I've always found St. Germain's in the Casino to be hugely overpriced and pretentious. The food is so so. Rinaldo's is amazing.
      In town - Maria's Restaurant is a really nice family run Italian place, great fresh specials, fabulous house salad.
      For breakfast we always go for the classic diner - Just Eddie's. Mmmmm.

      1. My sister lived in Orillia for a short while. She also recommends Rinaldo's. She said Willow at the Casino is okay too, but order off the menu rather than the buffet. Menus are online on the Casino Rama site.

        She cautioned me that, in town, some restaurants will take your reservation,and then when you show up, the place is closed!

        She also recommends a visit to the Mariposa Market for for a coffee and for some nice baking to take home. I can vouch for the baking. I used to ask her to bring me the lemon squares when she'd visit us.

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        1. This is not a night out before a concert type restaurant but if you want a diner style,very casual meal you might want to try Hill's Maple Leaf it on Progress Drive? Haven't been in the area for breakfast but I'm sure they'd do a good, solid diner breakfast. When you see it from the outside you'll recognize the red/white maple leaf theme. This place has been around for ever. Portions are hearty, prices are low. They've been serving basic standard favourites for years. Can get busy but there's lots of tables. Decor is very basic but with some interesting history of Orillia and the restaurant on the walls.
          This is a place to eat (burgers, hot beef sandwiches, homemade? soups, rice pudding) but not to dine. They serve broasted chicken which is the draw for me. Their menu selection probably hasn't changed much in content for the last 30 years and sometimes a meal like that just hits the spot!

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            Hill's is on Memorial Drive, near a Roger's video store and not too far from Theo's Restaurant.

          2. I have a house in Orillia.

            Breakfast for me is always Mariposa market - fresh fritters and good coffee!

            For dinner, I am still searching out more restaurants in the area but as other folks have mentioned; the casino has a couple of good offerings. Also, on Memorial Avenue is the Grape & the Olive - a relatively new spot that is close to fine dining. They have a dining room, a nice bar area and daily specials. Their wine list is on the less expensive side, and currently they have been creating home made ice creams and sorbet that can be oustanding.

            Also there is the Ossawippi Express, dining on a railway car down by the lake. It's charming and also has some good choices for dinner.

            All in all not a ton of fine dining choices. I am currently on the search myself for a real fine dining experience in the Muskoka area if anyone has any thoughts - thinking there must be some Inn's or B& B's around with a good food experience.


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              If you want to venture a little farther north than Orillia....there is a very nice, fine dining experience to be had at "North" in Gravenhurst. Chef was formerly at Taboo....check the website at