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Sep 10, 2002 12:57 AM

here's the best rotisserie chicken

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Gallodoro Rotissiere is a warm, friendly Italian restaurant with great personality and scrumptious food. Along with an eclectic menu, it features the best rotisserie chicken I have ever had. The skin was nicely browned, delicate and delicious, and the meat was tender and juicy. Perfect! I ordered a side of the best sauteed spinach I have ever had; it had a bit of a spicy kick and whole cloves of sweet garlic. Absolutely delicious as well was their perfectly herbed roasted potatoes. Everything on my plate was farm-fresh and flavorful. My husband ordered a side of their scrumptious pasta salad--it, too, was freshly made with large chunks of tender vegetables. I tried to find other reviews on the Internet, just to compare notes. No dice. So, I thought I would talk up this great little place. Try it!

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  1. Is it better than Zankou?

    Please tell us where (city, cross streets?) we can find this wonderful chicken so we can give it a try!

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    1. re: Lily

      (323) 980-8669 Gallodoro Rotisserie 637 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA ...

      1. re: WLA

        I must admit that I'm shocked to see this thread. I live in the area and never see anyone in there. So I've assumed that it's a front, but apparently I'm way wrong! If it's anywhere *close* to as good as Zankou or Pollo a la Brasa on the traffic island at Western and 8th, I really should try it. But P.a.l.B. is hard to beat for my money.

        1. re: Jessica Ritz

          Indeed, Jessica. IMHO, the rankings would be:
          Zankou (close)
          -- gap --
          El Pollo Inka
          Gallodoro (tends to be overcooked & underseasoned)

          1. re: Mr Grub
            Richard Gould-Saltman

            Anyone have any info./review of place I think also simply labelled "Pollo al Brasa" in mini-mall on Vine, about across from Musicians' Local 47?


            1. re: Mr Grub

              My one experience with Pollo a la Brasa was actually below Costco on my list. If I remember right, there are two choices at P.a.l.B, regarding what pieces of the chicken you want. What exactly do you order there? (I remember the fries were kinda weird.)

              Is does the roasted chicken at Marouch rank on your list?

              1. re: nubi

                Chicken, chicken, chicken. Virtually no choice, except for size 1/4, 1/2, or whole (for 1/4s you can get light or dark). Terrific garlicky baste -- not quite as intense as Zankou's. Sides are embarrassing. Lettuce salad pathetic. Fries do taste like potatoes, but become soggy almost immediately. But, oh my, the chicken is wondrous.

                I have not eaten at Marouch. I guess I should add it to the list to visit.

        2. re: Lily
          Richard gould-Saltman

          Sounds like the opportunity for a blind taste test, or open challenge. Also, it may now be time for the partisans of rotisserie (Zankou, Galladoro, Reddichik) and butterfly grill (Dino's etc.) to square off.

          richard gould-saltman, always the instigator....

          1. re: Lily

            I find Zankou dry and disappointing. I've found Costco is better. I'll have to try this other place.

          2. I like Galladoro a lot, but its not as good as Zankou. On the other hand, I love the penne vodka at Galladoro as well as a fusilli with chicken, leeks, and mushrooms. Their spinach salad is also very good.