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Apr 30, 2008 12:50 PM

My Martini

Has anyone dined at the restaurant/bar "My Martini" up in Dallas? Any thoughts or comments are appreciated... Cheers!

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  1. Are you referring to the place in Arlington?

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    1. re: MarcusB

      Yes. I'm is located in Arlington. Any thoughts??? Thanks MarcusB!

      1. re: falcon75

        Pretty nice place, had some drinks and appetizers there a couple of times.

        Great sushiplace next door.

    2. Great place! Love their martini's and food. Another plus is that you can order sushi from Pirahna's next door.

      1. My Martini is really fabulous! Try the Tenderloin with Wasabi Mashed potatoes- To die for! Everything is awesome there and with Piranha right next door and at your finger tips, you have the perfect storm. Try the Martini Bar early and eat there - the bartenders not only make the best drinks in Tarrant County, but also hide under the covert foodie handle offering hidden menu treasures. Try it my friend, you will like it!

        1. A nicer, more upscale bar in Arlington. Food is good, try the curry muscles (if they still have them) and the Viet Summer Rolls. Now that you can't smoke in there, you can usually get a seat. Piranha sushi next door has always been soild everytime I have been, but I had an absolutely awful meal at the Fort Worth locale, although the interior of that spot is much cooler. Hopefully just an off night.

          1. My wife and I dined there with friends on my wife's birthday and had a fantastic experience. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts/comments. Much appreciated.

            Sushi was fresh, martinis were awesome and the filet with wasabi mashed was "melt in your mouth"!