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Apr 30, 2008 12:50 PM


Hello all,

Has anyone been to Batch recently? I've wanting to go but it looks like it's gotten mixed reviews on the board. Any opinions or must-haves there?

Lastly, I read somewhere that they have cookie dough for sale that you can take home and bake yourself. Has anyone tried that as well?


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  1. I went and tried a slice of cake w/raspberry filling that was actually pretty good--I think it was one of the Viennese style cakes? Honestly, the other offerings didn't look great--cupcakes were sort of puny and dessicated looking. Pichet Ong was in the house talking to another pastry chef when I went in.

    1. There selection changes often but The chocolate cupcake is amazing, probably the best I ever had (like it better than sweet sugar sunshine, magnolias and billy's). I did not like the raspberry-green tea combination. The banana was also very good. The coconut cake was very good. The chocolate brownie was o.k. The ginger cookie was amazing.

      1. I'd love to check this out, for some nice takeout or a gift. any recent reviews or standouts?

        1. I went last week and was so vastly disappointed! I got two cupcakes - the all-chocolate and a lemon-yuzu. The lemon cake was so dense it seemed either a) stale, b) incorrectly mixed (i.e. twice the flour), or c) like someone else's idea of a good cupcake. The chocolate flavor had a chemical tinge and the only good flavor came from the three tiny chocolate candies on top. Total on the 2 cupcakes came to $6.80, which I was accepting based on the premise that they would be delicious. But I threw them both away after two bites.