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Apr 30, 2008 11:45 AM

Vietnamese lunch in Bellevue

I have tried Saigon City. The people were great, but the food was just ok, but then I have no experience with Vietnamese food. I would like to expand my taste buds in this direction. Would be great to know of a few places that others, with smarter buds, recommend.


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  1. Pho Than Brothers in Redmond and in the Crossroads area. They only do pho, but you get free creme puffs and they serve faster than McD's.

    Pho Tai on 148th is not too bad. More varieties than just pho. Pho Hoa is similar, also around 148th.

    1. I enjoy Pho Express in Kirkland, I like their short rice combo bowls. It's s a bit more out of the way, but the people there are friendly. I've only gone there for dinner, service has always been quick.

      I don't care for the pho at Pho Thai, but some of their other noodle dishes are alright.