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Apr 30, 2008 11:35 AM

Coming into town tomorrow!

Really need a few AWESOME places to eat for quick bites and moderately priced. I'll be with 3 others and we're doing the Jazz fest thing. So we're basically looking for excellent lunch destinations $15-$25 a head and fun dinner spots. Lastly, looking for a great place to eat lunch tomorrow after getting off the plane. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I hope I am not misunderstanding, but I cannot emphasize enough that all the food you will need for the daytime hours can be found at the Fest. If you still need other places, I would recommend going near the Fest to make your travels easier. Some places are Parkway Bakery, Liuzza's By The Track, Liuzza's, Mandina's, Cafe Arabesque, Mona's, and Venezia.

    Have a great time!

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      I agree with sirvelvet - plenty of great food at the Fest. However, if you want to eat before going, I second the Parkway Bakery recommendation. Very close to the fairgrounds, and some of the best po-boys around, post-K. I had a shrimp po-boy at Parkway last Sunday before going to the Fest. My family owned Teddy's Grill in Gentilly before the storm and we know the folks at Parkway very well. They do a great job.

      We usually try to eat something before going to the Fest each day, only because my girlfriend doesn't do so well with lots of spicy and/or greasy food, not to mention beer. Another option besides lunch is to head Uptown to Bluebird for breakfast, or Russell's Marina Grill at West End for lunch or breakfast.

      If it were up to me though, I'd get to the Fest when the gates open and start eating. Meat pies, crawfish Monica, Vaucresson's hot sausage, eggplant parmesan, Plum St. snoball, etc, etc.

      1. re: fryguy

        Good job fryguy. So authoritative I would love to hear other of your recommendations for restaurants not limited to pre-jfest eating.