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Apr 30, 2008 11:22 AM

Peking Duck -- DC only

My elderly father is coming to DC. He loves Peking Duck. Is there any place in downtown DC (particularly Chinatown) that has acceptable (or even better than average) Peking Duck? I've read the previous threads on Peking Gourmet and Mark's House of Duck. Great places, I'm sure, but the 'burbs are not an option in this case. Anyone got a favorite downtown?

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  1. I can't vouch for anything downtown, but I know that Spices (Cleveland Park) and Shanghai Garden (Van Ness) both offer Peking Duck. I've never had the item at either location (I don't like duck), but have friends who have. They seem to like it.

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      I second Spices in Cleveland Park. It's a bit non-traditional in presentation, but the duck itself is very tasty.

    2. Tony Cheng's in Chinatown has it, I have had it, it's good, not like the places in the burbs, but I think it would definitely work.

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        Took Dad to Tony Cheng's. Ended up having lots of seafood; passed on the duck. Turned out to be the perfect place in lieu of a suburban duck palace. (Seafood is Dad's other love, as well as mine.) Very good whole flounder, lobster Cantonese, old standbys. Had gone to Cheng's Mongolian BBQ for lunch the previous week . . . . also good, though mine ended up a bit bland. All in all, Cheng's is a good default choice in Chinatown, nothing too fancy but solid, satisfying.