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Apr 30, 2008 11:19 AM

Latin cuisine in Cambridge?

I am looking for a place for a low-key bachelorette party dinner for 6 or 8 people on a Friday night with some sort of Latin food. Any suggestions other than Dali? Thanks!

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  1. I thought Dali was Spanish (a tapas place, no?) rather than Latin. I hear that Green St serves a Latin-influenced menu, but I've never been myself. Have heard positive reviews though. I think there's a recent thread about this place on the board.

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      If you mean Latin American...

      Green Street no longer does a Caribbean menu; it's now (assuming the brand-new chef doesn't radically alter it) a kind of updated Yankee cooking concept.


      Cuban -- great food and cocktails in the bar at Chez Henri, but tough for a crowd that size, as it's popular and cramped, and they serve only French in the dining room

      Mexican -- Ole Grill in Inman, which does a kind of gussied-up Mexican food with nice casual atmosphere with good drinks. Forest Cafe for a more casual experience.

      Peruvian -- Machu Picchu in Union Square, Somerville. A fun, cheap place with kind of a lively club vibe on weekends, very nice Peruvian food.

      Brazilian -- Midwest Grill for churrasco rodizio.

      Hope that helps!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking Green St. might be good as they have a Latin DJ on Friday's and we were going to go out for some Latin dancing afterwards. But it seems up in the air about the menu changes, huh?

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          The menu may be up in the air, but I kinda doubt that Green St is heading back to the Caribbean menu anytime soon.

          Um, where exactly are you getting this "Latin DJ" information? That doesn't sound right.

          For what you're describing, I would go with Olé in Inman Square.

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            the carribbean thing was i guess now 2 menus ago. unfortunately that website is still on the interwebs. latin dj is definitely gone.

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              Really strange, but it appears that there are 2 version of their site up, one with the old menu, latin dancing etc. and the newer one with the new menu. Glad I checked again.

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                Here is the proper "new" Green Street web site:

                I wonder who the heck is paying to keep the old site up? That's weird.

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