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Apr 30, 2008 11:05 AM

Julie's Cuban Rest.

Having just come back from Cuba on April 18th, and being disappointed with the buffet at the hotel where i stayed - seafood was terrible - is Julie's worth visiting in lieu of my disappointment?

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  1. As others have said in the past, this place has a great cozy vibe and a beautiful patio, but the food itself is nothing to get excited about. We ordered a variety of tapas dishes and some were delicious, but some were very disappointing. I'd say go, but keep your expectations reasonable.

    1. While I haven't been to Cuba, I am a huge fan of Julie's as a restaurant experience. The service is always great, the drinks addictive and the atmosphere relaxing and soothing - especially in patio weather. Yes, there are hits and misses on the menu but I have found the hits make up for the average.

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        1. I have never been to Cuba but dined at Julie's with friends who have. We have enjoyed our experience every time. Great drinks, great atmosphere. It should be tried at least once imo.

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            Went there last night. It's true that the atmosphere is pretty cool with all their nick-nacks along the walls, and the service was really very good and super friendly. I just fould the food pretty plain (no I've not been to Cuba) for what it was. To their credit the shrimps in both the avocado+shrimp salad and the shrimp with coconut were fresh and both dishes were quite tasty. The fried corn fritters that the waitress reccomended were good too. The quesadilla was nice and cheesy.
            The scalder of the night was $8+ mojitos that were a complete rip off. For 8$ I want a nice strong drink and these were 'soda water' wimpy.

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              i love fresh shrimp. its hard to find that up here as most seem to be from frozen. im going to have to stop and sample this. where are they located? do i have to ask for it or is it on the menu?


          2. I've been to Cuba a few times and can understand your disappointment. They're certainly not known for their food.
            I haven't been to Julies in quite awhile but remember enjoying it, more for the atmosphere than the food.

            It's definitely worth a visit and I can guarantee the food is MUCH better than anywhere in Cuba.

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              I agree with what everyone has said - Julie's is a great find, but it's mostly the atmosphere & the drinks that are memorable. I think next time I'll go just for the drinks & aim to have a few "snacks" rather than ordering enough for a full meal.

              As a vegetarian, it was also a little bit tough to find enough fantastic vegetarian food on the menu. This isn't really a criticism of Julie's -- I don't think Cuban food is known for being particularly vegetarian-friendly -- but just a word of warning to fellow veggies. Definitely enough to feed one veg, but as most of the tapas is meat-based, you won't get a lot of variety.