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Apr 30, 2008 10:57 AM

same or different? (weight loss)

Anyone know what “the experts” say about eating the same foods to promote weight loss? I always hear that one should try new foods when trying to lose weight. I often do (especially at dinner), but I have found a few foods that consistently keep me full that I truly enjoy (my whole-grain cereal in the morning with cinnamon, a few nuts and/or frozen fruit; my homemade yogurt w/agave). Is there any evidence that eating the same (healthful) foods can promote weight loss?

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  1. Well, eating the same foods will definitely promote boredom. And people end up eating less of it. There's been ample evidence that if one eats a variety of food, people end up eating more than if they eat just a single food.

    1. I think the notion of trying new foods is more about not having people get bored when modifying the diet. When a food is removed from the regular diet, replacing it with something new/healthy can make it feel at least as though one's diet isn't shrinking to nothing of interest.

      That being said, my mom works with overweight children - and I've never heard that eating the same healthy foods is any better or worse than eating a variety of healthy foods. I think this is more of a mind game related to people getting bored and then more likely to "spice up" their diet with unhealthy food.

      One thing that she is rating as the new "death food" is corn syrup and fructose. Apparently a new study recently came out that showed that the amount of sugar in corn syrup and fructose is usually so high that the liver can't handle it. So it ends up reacting the same way to those sugars as it does to fat. Meaning that even 100% juice has more sugar in it than the body technically needs. Take that as you will, it's a brand new study.

      Those things are far more hot button issues than repetitive or variety eating.

      1. If you eat the same AMOUNT of the same TYPE of food everyday and you maintain the same activity level, then no, you won't lose weight.

        Calories in +/- Calories out = weight loss (or gain).

        1. There's no reason, physiologically speaking, why your body would metabolize new foods any differently than your old favorites. But yes, more psychologically speaking, whether it's new or old, a variety or a few foods, could affect your eating behavior, as others have pointed out. The bottom line is, if you eat the same number of calories it shouldn't make any difference at all. Eat whatever you would enjoy most!

          1. the reasoning behind the theory lies in the belief that when faced with a variety of choices, we're likely to eat more because we end up wanting some of everything...sort of a buffet mentality. so if you stick to a limited number of foods, there's no real novelty, and you're less likely to feel compelled to eat more than you want or need.

            it's actually an interesting premise. if you want to read more about it, peruse a copy of "the flavor point diet" by david katz.