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Apr 30, 2008 10:57 AM

Puako for the week

I'm going to Puako on Saturday for a week. Where do you go to buy, fresh fish, and kalbi or teriyaki meats? And then of course the fruits and veggies. Thank you.

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  1. Not too many suggestions because there's not much very close to Puako...if you're talking about Big Island Puako...the closest market with fresh items would be in Waimea and I believe that there is a fish market in Kawaihae...good luck

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      You are going to love the Big Island!! have a great trip.
      Just to clarify, The Waikoloa Village market is part of the highly regarded KTA chain.. FYI

    2. Waikoloa Village market would be the closest for you. Lots of options..full service grocery. A little closer is Mauna Lani.. Foodland market. Great seafood counter fresh poki .. bakery.. deli. abit more expensive than Waikoloa village however convenient.
      Don't forget Costco 2 miles south of the airport to stock up on all the other items. About a 30 min drive from Puako. Cheapest gas on the island!

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        So do you, or anybody know about the Island Gourmet Marketplace?

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          I believe that is the much anticipated gourmet market within The Queen's Marketplace "in Waikoloa beach resort. When we last checked on it's progress about 6 weeks ago, there was quite a bit of construction to complete yet. Hard to approximate an opening given the time schedules for construction completion on the Islands.... At that time there weren't any windows in and the entire interior was bare, not finished, barely wired for electricity. But who knows/... Maybe a concentrated effort will bring it's Grand opening date up sooner rather than later..

      2. I don't believe that any of the previous responses you've received will provide you with "freshly grown" or "recently caught" anything...the only market which deal with local farmers are the KTA chain...there's a store in Waimea...also, Waimea, Hilo, as well as Kailua towns have local farmer's markets which are held on certain Saturdays.

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          just to clarify, there is in fact recently caught fish at many of the KTA stores on a regular basis (and KTA was mentioned in previous posts): I've often gotten fish advertised as caught that morning (and given how it tasted, I've no reason not to believe the advertisement: some of the best mahi mahi I've ever had, just for starters) at the KTA in Kona. I assume the same is true at KTA in Waikoloa.

        2. There is a shack in Kawaihae, as you make the right turn past Harbor Grill. It's across from a little shopping plaza (kwik-e-mart type, jewelry store, etc) and looks like a run down cottage. Apparently, though, they get the fresh catch from boats docking at Kawaihae every day so it is fresh, fresh, fresh. Kona Katch at the International Market is up for sale and I'm not sure of it's status. Very fresh, but again, not sure if anyone has taken over. You will only make that drive once anyway as the traffic past the airport is awful. The market at Waikoloa Village is terrific and Foodland at Mauna Lani is fine too.
          Enjoy! And be careful in Puako.

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              Crime-- especially burglaries. At least that was the story from locals when we were there in January.