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Apr 30, 2008 10:52 AM

Skinny Pancake: Burlington, VT

Went to the Skinny Pancake on the waterfront in Burlington when the weather was nice and many people were enjoying the patio in the front. Upon entering we heard one of the owners loudly scolding a customer, stating: “YOU SHOULDN’T SIT AT OUR TABLES IF YOU’RE NOT EATING OUR FOOD!” This sort of left a bad taste in our mouths from the get go.

We placed and order with a young lady behind the register and waited inside for our food. During our long wait the owner, "Benjy," scolded two young men working the crepe griddles for apparently something minor like working the griddles at the same time, etc.

Our food Choco-Monkey (nutella banana) crepe arrived and the crepe itself had a nice, crispy texture, though they skimped on the fresh banana and the Nutella bit tasted “watered down” (read: not directly out of the jar, but some liquid squeezed out of a plastic bottle). I liked the food overall, but it really was too 'skinny' for the price.

For a place that lauds its political awareness, sustainability, locally sourced ingredients, and so on, I found the place to be a tad high on pretension and prices, yet low on consideration for its workers and guests.

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  1. Sounds like a lack of common class and courtesy. Why not simply walk outside, ask the occupants of the chairs if they would like to order something and then simply suggest that the chairs will need to be vacated if customers need to be sat.

    I give the place 3 months.................

    1. I went there on one of the first really warm days a couple of weeks ago. Just waited a few minutes for a table outside. The server was really friendly. The food was delicious. It was slow slow slow getting our dessert. The sunset was worth any wait for food. The bathroom is about three miles away down the hall and you have to remember to ask for a key first. I think it's a great place to go for a light, inexpensive meal on a nice day when you want to be down at the waterfront. Not a place to go for fine dining or if you're in a rush. I don't know what to say about the owner yelling at somebody; that's just inexcusable.

      1. I just wrote a not-so-nice review in the 7 days food section but I'll give a brief re-cap here because I was so outraged! I went in a couple weeks ago, on a nice sunny Sunday with my 5 year old. I was told the wait for our food was 30 minutes (for 2 crepes and 2 sides of bacon) although crazy we decided to wait it out and hang outside. After 40 minutes I checked to see if we could just get our bacon (you know it's just in a warmer in the kitchen is it really that hard?) and was told, pretty rudely that we would have to wait. The bacon came out after 1 hour, followed by the crepes at an hour and fifteen minutes. All for the very low low price of $22! Professionals know (I'm a server) to over state the wait a little to pad yourself and then if it's quicker people are happy. If your food gets to you really late it should be on the house... total amateur in staff and ownership. I like their vibe, space, etc. but an hour and fifteen minutes for crepes? with absolutely no apology.... they have to get their business together before they alienate the locals who will be the only ones down at the Waterfront come November... it's a loooonggg winter!

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          It appears not much has changed since I ate there a couple of times last summer:

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