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Southern Style Chicken at McDonald's?

Has anyone else tried the new Southern Style Chicken sandwich at McDonald's? It's very reminiscent of Chick-fil-A's signature chicken sandwich--right down to the 2 sliced pickles!

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  1. I tried it a couple weeks ago while picking up Happy Meals for the kids and it was surprisingly good.

    1. I agree. Also (and I've thought that this was related to my digestive system) it doesn't give me heartburn like Popeye's and KFC does. Is it the lack of garlic powder or some other spice?

      1. I've only tried the s/s chicken biscuit at breakfast, which is good enough that I've eaten three already. But the chicken patty (which is apparently breast meat, not pieces-parts) varies in size from visit to visit.

        1. I tried it last night, but I didn't really like it. The breading was weird. My roommate claimed it was the closest thing to Chickfila... but sadly, I didn't agree.

          1. I had one this afternoon while running errands. It's clearly trying to be a Chick-Fil-A, but while it's by some distance the best chicken sandwich I've ever had from McDonalds (whose chicken stuff is historically gross), it's not a patch on a Chick-Fil-A. However, the nearest McDonald's is about 3/4 of a mile from my house. The nearest Chick-Fil-A is about 30 miles away, in Burlington, MA. So there's that.

            1. The first one I had was great and did remind me of CFA. Unfortunately the next two times the chicken was mushy, the breading was weird, and I came away from it just feeling gross. I have decided if I need CFA I will have to drive the 15 miles to the closest CFA.

              1. Free sandwichs with purchase of medium or large drink May 15th


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                    I work across the street from a McDonalds. Been at the location for 17 months. I've eaten there twice. Both times at 6:30 AM. Grabbed a coffee and a Sausage Mcmuffin.
                    I think I will make this a third. The comments have me a bit intriqued, and the coffee doesn't suck as much as the stuff at work.
                    Thanks for the info.

                    1. re: Bobfrmia

                      Ok, done.
                      It wasn't bad. It wasn't real good. It didn't really have much taste.
                      I would have another if they continued to give them away, but I wouldn't buy one.

                  2. Is there any sort of sauce on either of those new sandwiches?

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                    1. yep... tried it tonight, and while I must admit that it is an excellent imposter, it is an imposter nonetheless... Have to agree with BarmyFotheringayPhipps - it is *definitely* the best chicken sandwich the Arches have ever offered - however, CFA needn't worry too much - perhaps more people will look for the source of inspiration as a result...

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                            I disagree ... also the sandwich comes with mayo but the biscuit is only chicken and biscuit.

                            I found the chicken biscuit needed something because it was too dry. Anyone going for the free chicken biscuit on Thursday might ask for a packet of honey if they have any ... or phony pancake syrup.

                            I liked the sandwich better and it is the first chicken item at McDonald's that actually tastes like real chicken. Still, it isn't that exciting.

                            Has anyone tried the sweet tea? Might be the drink to order with that free chicken sandwich.

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                              The ones I've been getting in Boston have no mayo. They are exactly like the Chick-Fil-A sandwich that they're copying: breaded chicken, toasted bun, two pickle chips. Nothing else, and certainly no mayo.

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                                The "Classic Chicken" sandwiches come with mayo (and are actually pretty darned good, in my opinion) but the "Southern Style" is bun, margarine, pickles and chicken.

                                Honey on a chicken biscuit is a brilliant thing.

                                1. re: ccbweb

                                  Ah, maybe I was mistaking the margarine for mayo. There was some sort of something on my sandwich. Didn't like it enough to order it again and see what that was.

                                  1. re: ccbweb

                                    First, I didn't realize that they were giving away both the breakfast sandwich with the biscuit as well as the sandwich in the afternoon till 7pm.

                                    Anyway, I wanted to try the chicken biscuit with honey and McDonald's does have honey. The honey helps a whole lot to relieve the dryness of the biscuit.

                                    Even better was what I like to call 'North and South kiss and make up"

                                    I drizzled some maple syrup on it and it is lighter than the honey and a lot more complementary to the flavor.

                                    Tho ... I can't believe I wasted my organic Vermont maple syrup on a McDonald's food product.

                                    Tried the sweet tea. No expert on this front. It was sweet and not tannic, but a little too sweet for me.

                                    That chicken does taste like chicken though, unlike any of the other McDonalds paltry poultry. So with hope I looked at the ingrediant list.

                                    Well, at least they use a real chicken breast rather than chicken rib meat like in some other sandwiches ... however here's what is in that chicken sandwich

                                    Southern Style Crispy Breakfast Chicken Breast:
                                    Chicken breast filets, water, sugar, salt, modified tapioca starch, spice, yeast extract, sodium phosphates, carrageenan, maltodextrin, natural (plant source) and artificial flavors, gum arabic, sunflower lecithin. Battered and breaded with: Wheat flour, water, sugar, salt, food starch-modified, yellow corn flour, leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), wheat gluten, spice, gum arabic, natural flavors (plant source), extractives of paprika. Prepared in Vegetable Oil ((may contain one of the following: Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, partially hydrogenated corn oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness), dimethylpolysiloxane added as an anitfoaming agent). CONTAINS: WHEAT

                                    Biscuit (Regular):
                                    Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), cultured nonfat buttermilk, vegetable oil (palm oil, palm kernel oil), water, leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), contains 2% or less of the following: salt, sugar, modified cellulose, wheat protein isolate, natural flavor (botanical source), soy lecithin. CONTAINS WHEAT, MILK AND SOY LECITHIN. Prepared with Liquid Margarine: Liquid soybean oil, water, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oils, salt, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soy lecithin, mono- and diglycerides, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservative), artificial flavor, citric acid, vitamin A palmitate, beta carotene (color). CONTAINS: SOY LECITHIN

                                    For the sandwich

                                    Southern Style Crispy Chicken Sandwich:
                                    Southern Style Crispy Chicken Breast Filet, Regular Bun, Pickle Slices, Liquid Margarine

                                    Same ingrediants for the chicken

                                    Liquid Margarine:
                                    Liquid soybean oil, water, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oils, salt, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soy lecithin, mono- and diglycerides, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservative), artificial flavor, citric acid, vitamin A palmitate, beta carotene (color). CONTAINS: SOY LECITHIN

                                    Pickle Slices:
                                    Cucumbers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, alum, potassium sorbate (preservative), natural flavors (plant source), polysorbate 80, extractives of turmeric (color).

                                    Regular Bun:
                                    Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, high fructose corn syrup, yeast, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, soybean oil, canola oil, contains 2% or less of each of the following: salt, wheat gluten, calcium sulfate, soy flour, ammonium sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, ammonium chloride, baking soda, sorbic acid, deactivated dry yeast, dough conditioners (may contain one or more the following: distilled monoglycerides, DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium peroxide, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, mono- and diglycerides, enzymes, guar gum), calcium propionate & sodium propionate (preservatives), soy lecithin. CONTAINS: WHEAT AND SOY



                                    1. re: rworange

                                      Uh...it's McDonald's. What exactly were you expecting?

                                      1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                                        Taste-wise or ingrediant-wise?

                                        I was hoping at least the chicken breast was just that without the other stuff.

                                        I can never eat the other chicken products there because it doesn't taste like chicken. I had a cat that refused to recognize the chicken there as food. She loved the burger though and frozen yogurt. The cat went on a lot of road trips with me.

                                        If they could get the grilled chicken to taste like the Southern Style breast (sans coating), I'd consider a salad occasionaly when rushed.

                                        As it is the only non corrupted items they sell are
                                        - 100% Beef Patty (without bun)
                                        - lettuce/greens (who knows what chemicals they use to clean it)
                                        - mustard
                                        - onions
                                        - salt
                                        - honey
                                        - almonds / peanuts
                                        - lime wedge
                                        - Mandarin orange slices
                                        - orange juice
                                        - regular tea
                                        - coffee
                                        - sugar

                                        Even the water has stuff in it ... which might or might not be naturally occuring

                                        As you go down the food list, you can almost equal the less processed items with the better tasting items.

                                      2. re: rworange

                                        What is lecithin, anyway? Is it that necessary? When I eat (and well) in foreign countries, do they use lecithin? Might we be able to skip about half of the above chemicals not so much for health but for reasons of economics? How many people work in the lecithin industry? Catch my drift..

                                        1. re: jkosnett

                                          Wow. Um. The Google is our friend.

                                          Lecithin is an emulsifier. It is not a chemical. It comes from egg yolks and soybeans.

                                          Rants work a lot better when you have something approaching a clue about what you're talking about.

                                    2. re: rworange

                                      The only time I ever eat at McDonalds is breakfast, as I have a bit of an unexplainable weakness for egg McMuffins.

                                      Anyway, hadn't seen this thread, but stopped into the McDonalds on Sepulveda in Culver City Thursday am, in a hurry to get to my daughter's to babysit World's Greatest Grandchild. Ordered my usual number one breakfast and iced coffee (which is only ok, but certainly hit the spot Thursday with the warm weather).

                                      Pick up order at window, immediately return it, tell counter person it isn't mine: there is some type of biscuit in it. She tells me it is free. Ok fine, but where are my hash browns? Oh, she says, we forgot them, but the biscuit is free. Fine I say, but I still want my hash browns. Oh ok she says (and goes to get them) when she comes back she reminds me that the biscuit is free.

                                      It was a mistake to insist on the hashbrowns: the oil had gone bad and I ate one bite, threw them away. Unfortunately, the chicken in the biscuit tasted like it had been fried in the same bad oil. Moreover, the chicken was undercooked. As for being dry, I think that is the fault of their biscuits (which I always think are dry).

                                      So bottom line: it may have been free, but if the goal of giving me a free one is marketing, the ploy backfired. Big time.

                              2. I had the sandwich (as opposed to the biscuit) in L.A. the other night.Never had Chick-Fil-A, so I can't compare the two, but the only flavor I got was from the pickle -- typical of fast-food chicken sandwiches in that respect*. A little salt, even, probably would have helped a lot. Or ranch dressing. That's the ticket!

                                What the experience did do is make me less eager to try a Chick-Fil-A.

                                * I like Col. Sanders' Snackers, but they're reasonably priced and the sauce makes all the difference. But that's another thread.

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                                1. re: Muskrat

                                  You can't let this sandwich keep you from trying a Chick-Fil-A, which is far, far superior and much more flavorful.

                                  1. re: Muskrat

                                    I had the same experience. Even McDonalds' regular chicken sandwich tastes _kind of_ like chicken. The southern style sandwich tasted like, well, nothing. Nothing with pickles. I'll not try it again.

                                    1. re: Muskrat

                                      I've never had Chick Fil A because there's none that I know of around here, but after hearing friends rave about it, then rave more that the SS Chicken at McD's tastes just like it, I had to try it. Wow what a waste of calories. It was gross. The mushy steamed bun, the awful pickles, etc. It was definitely lacking something. Hot sauce would have gone on it if I was home eating it, and it might have been a little better, but I can't get over that mushy bun. It felt like wet foam.

                                    2. I tried the biscuit this morning, thought it was pretty awful. That breading was very dry, almost powdery, and I can't say the taste was something I would go back for. Not something I expect to be ordering again.

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                                      1. re: KaimukiMan

                                        Well, for McD's - and that's the caveat - the chicken biscuit wasn't too bad. At least the chicken actually tasted more or less like chicken. That's an accomplishment for them. By Southern standards, the biscuit wasn't worth a hang. The chicken had that CFA-like pickle juice flavor. That's not a plus to me since I can't stand CFA.

                                        If I had to pay for breakfast at McD's I'd get an Egg McMuffin. If I had to eat any fast food breakfast of my choice, it would be anything at Bojangles or Hardees. Both have great tasting biscuits and Bo's sometimes has a pork tenderloin biscuit. They always have the chicken-fried stead biscuit.

                                        In the South, where you can get pretty good chain biscuits, there's no excuse for this thing. Up North, if you've got an uncontrollable jones for a biscuit, maybe.

                                        I wouldn't be paying for a McD's Chicken biscuit any time at all.

                                      2. It was just ok, but certainly not worth almost 3 bucks.

                                        1. Had one of the free giveaways yesterday. It reminded me of why I haven't eaten at McD's in a couple of years; it's that 'fast-food' flavor. Whatever combination of chemicals they put on the stuff that's supposed to taste like...something, but to me evokes New Jersey factory. Everything I've had from national fast food chains seem to have this flavor, to varying degrees. This sandwich, while obviously made from real chicken breast, had a coating that was fried but not crisp, and tasted of salt and fast-food chemicals, and little else. Fortunately I got it to go and smothered it in sriracha at home, so it was edible, but I'm still glad I didn't pay 3 bucks for it.

                                          1. I am puzzled as to why this is called "Southern Style Chicken". It doesn't taste at all like Southern FRIED Chicken so is it because it is similar to Chik-fil-a and that is a southern franchise (I think?)

                                            I tried one a found it to be OK since it was really chicken but it needed something, anything, other than just bun (very warm and soft) and flaccid pickles.....(actually, I looked to see f I had the Frank's Red Hot sauce that I dip my JITB Chicken Strips in. Now there is decent fast food chicken :) I had none.

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                                            1. re: dockhl

                                              They're trying to steal Chik-Fil-A's mojo, and yes, Chik-Fil-A is a Southern chain.

                                              McDonald's version is inferior, IMO.

                                            2. Got a free one today. Very mediocre. Chicken was fried but not crispy. Pickles were wimpy. Bun was sticky. nd the entire thing was too dry. Ho hum.

                                              1. I really dislike McDonalds and avoid it like the plague, but when you have 2 bored grandkids, hotter than hell temperatures, and a indoor air conditioned playground, well . . . So I cave in and go. I remembered this thread and gave the southern style chicken sandwich, on a bun, a try. Egads! This is nothing like the Chick Fil A sandwich. The bun wasn't buttered, the breading was okay, but nothing special and although it actually did taste like white meat chicken, it was a victim to that dreaded dryness that white meat gets when overcooked. All in all it was a disappointment, but considering the source I am not surprised. She asked me 3 times if I wanted fries, NO, and then another person asked if I wanted fries, NO. Is that so hard to believe? So they gave me fries! I wasn't charged for them and the kids scarfed them up (it's a treat for them, don't get a lot of fries in that house) so it wasn't wasted. The kids had fun and that was what I was going for. When we got home their mommy asked me "What do YOU eat there?" because she know how I am! So funny! On the plus side I got an iced coffee, which was pretty good, but then I am not a real coffee drinker, so that may account for it. :-) I can see a purist turning their nose up at it.

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                                                  I had one for the first time this week and was pleasantly surprised. (Of course expectations at McDonald's are low.) The bun was very soft and tasty. The chicken warm, juicy and crisp. I didn't really think the pickles added anything. It was simple and good. I commend McDonald's for exercising restraint and not smothering it with some sauce, mayo or cheese. Chick Fil A's are few and far between in this area, so I don't have them to compare it too. I do know where one is, though and think I will give them a try for comparison the next time I am in the area.

                                                2. I havent had a CFA in years so I can't really compare. I do like the SSCS though. I get it without the "margarine" and I ask for extra pickles. I also ask for a mayo packet on the side. The last time I was in MI, I bought 2 without pickles or buns. They charged me 3.71 for both. I brought them home and made a fried chicken salad.

                                                  1. As a promo a while back, they were giving them away for free. I like the idea of pickles and chicken together but it needed mayo.

                                                    1. I don't eat ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise so this sandwich solves a big problem I have with McDonald's, which is to get something that doesn't come with all those empty calories whose taste I hate anyway. (I absolutely loathe ketchup). I ate the SS chicken sandwich because of a coupon for a free one and have to say it is the best thing McD's has come out with in ages. I have a job that frequently keeps me from eating lunch until 2 or 3 p.m. and so I can go out two blocks, grab one of these and bring it back to my office, and it works. The SS chicken biscuit isn't bad, either. It's why McDonald's, for all its faults, is better than its direct competitors.

                                                      1. I tried it 3 times. One time they were giving them away at a festival I attended. They are pretty good when the bread is fresh. One time I had one and the bread wasn't the freshest. As far as the other two times...its pretty good but not on CFA level. The two pickles on the top are overbearing in my opinion. CFA has them on the bottom and somehow they seem to work there better. The breast at CFA seems a lil bigger but varies with each sandwich and location. The CFA sandwich doesn't seems like the chicken was frozen but with McD's all their food comes off as pre-frozen to me. The bun with CFA sandwiches is mashed a lil but I like it and I also like their seasoning better than McD's. The thing about CFA's is that they are not as prevelant in my city; however, McD's are ubiquitous. CFA's generally prefers suburban markets and I don't live in the suburbs and have only one in my city. The suburban city next to ours has about 7 or 8 locations...so that is the reason why I don't dine at CFA often, but I really like their food.