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Apr 30, 2008 10:43 AM

Best Restaurant for My Birthday

My husband and I will soon be moving to New Orleans, so my birthday next Wednesday could be my last chance for a fabulous meal in Austin. I'm considering doing the tasting menu at Uchi, but I'm not set on it yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place to go? I would like a classy meal and somewhere in the Clay Pit to Uchi price range, I guess that would be called moderate to high priced?

Anyway, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Jeffrey's tasting menu gets my vote! Depending on what you call high priced, it is a bit more than Uchi, which I also love. But it is SO NOISY there, doesn't seem conducive to an intimate meal.

    1. I would say Restaurant Jezebel on Congress. Very quiet & romantic, they make it a special evening with great service and a complimentary birthday dessert. Super wine list, They have a large menu a and 2 separate chef's tasting menus to choose from

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        1. Uchi is VERY LOUD, and bang for the buck, I'd say just order off the menu. It's very "Top Chef" in the micro-gastronamy-ish way. I got the giggles around the fifth course, but that's just me. I guess I'm just not "classy" enough...

          My second choice when I had a "money's no object moment" was Jezebel, but I didn't go. So if you do, please report.

          You'll love NOL. Most of my family is from there. Food still is the stuff of dreams...

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            Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I'll write back in when we decide where to go and what I think of the food. As for New Orleans, yes great food! I grew up there and miss the seafood dearly!

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              Okay, so sorry for the delayed response, moving took a lot of my energy for a while. But we went to Jezebel and were not impressed. It was way too expensive and the food was so so. We went to Chez Nous later in the month for our anniversary, and loved it! It was much more affordable and the food was divine! Thanks so much for the suggestions.

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                Chez Nous is an often overlooked place. I think it is always outstanding, and one of the top places in that part of downtown. Good call.