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Apr 30, 2008 10:21 AM

best food in prague

ok so my dad is in prague and i wanna find some good restaurants for him while hes gone ofr 3 if anyone has any suggestions it would be VERY appreciated. hes been eating pizza for the past 2 weeks!! please help us out.

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  1. this was the restaurant at which best meal I had in prague.

    1. Quite possibly the best breakfast that I've had in Europe was served up at The Café Savoy. It is a smartly designed place. (


      I was dragged to Restaurante Brasileiro that is well-hidden in the basement of a shopping mall near downtown. I don't like buffet-type places, but this place is a crowd-pleaser with sushi, and waiters bringing around hunks of meat to carve at one's table.

      A nice casual bistro that I go to every time I'm there is Universal that has good international cuisine and a really good relaxed vibe. (


      This is a really good blog that has a lot of reviews of Prague restaurants:

      Hopefully your dad likes beer, because I don't think it gets much better than in Prague.

      1. A very nice place for update classic czech food with particularly good game dishes, moderate prices:

        A traditional czech place with good food at very low prices:

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          La Degustation does a great set meal (7 courses), both classical Czech and French, with 7 Czech or foreign wines to match the courses. Kampa Park is great as well, as is Bellevue, Zatisi and Allegro (the latetr is an Italian restaurant, which was awarded the first Michelin star of any restaurant in Prague this year). Hoffmeister is also fantastic, with an incredible wine list. Those are the upscale places. For very good, traditional Czech food at moderate prices try Celnice, Kolkovna or Olympia. If you google them, I am rpetty sure they ahve a website in English. None of those is a tourist trap, by the way, despite the suspiciously foregner-friendly appearance :-) - I am Czech, from Prague actually (even though I don't live in the Czech Republic anymore) and I can assure you that Celnice, Kolkovna and Olympia (or Olympic - I am never sure) offer authentic Czech food, great Pilsner beer and are less smokey than many restaurants in Prague due to the ventilation system and the incredibly high ceilings.

        2. I really liked Cafe Flambee (the cafe vs. the formal restaurant) when I was there a while back. Beautiful, jazzy place with wonderful food & service.

          1. My friends and I always have a great time at Charleston in Prague. It's easy to find in Karlin near to the Krizikova metro stop. Great menu with some courage in a city where daring is usually served up with potato. Live piano and good service in a very unique atmosphere. Steak tartare and pork medallions with Camembert are two dishes that come to mind. Dobrou chut


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              Help choose.Three nights.
              Kampa Park
              La Degustation

              Also, which would be best for lunch

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                La Degustration, Kampa Park, Bellevue. Bellevue and Kampa Park are also great for lunch, for La Degustation you really need to go for the full experience, which takes about 3 hours, and I don't know if they even do that for lunch. If the weatehr is good, you can sit outside at both Kampa Park and Bellevue, but booking is always a must, they are foten fully booked for lunch and dinner (the good seats anyway). The views from both are beyond amazing.

                You might consider putting Allegro on yuor list.

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                  I did not lile my experience at La dégustation...Very expensive and not great...I had canadian december (not the season so probably frozen)!! Hard to find food and good quality food are not the same!