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Apr 30, 2008 09:46 AM

Good Eats in Dubai?

Heading for Dubai soon for at least six months and am wondering if anyone can give me some idea as to the food options there.
I've done google and I've found some info, not much though, and I would appreciate comments from a chowhounder in the know.
Please send any info regarding your favourite Dubai restaurants and grocery stores.

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  1. The original comment has been removed

      Please see the above links.... these have been suggested to me as some good eats in Dubai. I will gladly share any further info as I get it!

      1. Thanks for the links capetowngirlie!
        I am heading there for business in late fall and staying at the cool 'sail' hotel,
        Burj-Al-Arab....Jumeirah resorts does a fab job for hotel food..but nothing like local.
        I look forward to hearing your experiences as a woman there.

        1. Go do a search on the Dubai boards at ... their information is more up to date than Chow is with respect to Dubai. Unfortunately, all the food information is scattered amongst posts of every topic imaginable, so some searching and browsing will be required.

          However, you will also find information there on living in Dubai in general, from a female perspective.

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              Thanks very much! that's great info!