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Apr 30, 2008 09:10 AM

Kanella -Greek, 10th and Spruce

Does anyone know if this is open? I know they had a special Easter lunch last Sunday but I don't know if they are open regular hours yet. I can't find a phone number. It's where Logan's used to be.

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  1. I believe they are open, but I haven't been there yet. I'm dying to go, I had several fantastic meals at the chef's previous restaurant, Meze (Pat Bombino's is in that space now).

    I had found a phone number online somewhere, but I just called it and it's disconnected, so I guess it was wrong. I haven't found their number anywhere else.

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      I went there last night. Their phone number is 215-992-1773. Everything I tasted was very good, most of it excellent. If you go, be sure to get the 'dips of the day', those were fantastic. Hummus was one, the other two I can't really remember the names of but they both started with a 'T' and were absolutely delicious. The Cyprus ravioli were very good too, different from their incarnation at Meze, but still excellent. The service was a little slow, but not too bad, and they've only been open a week or so, so no big deal. It's BYO in case anyone didn't know.

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        Thier number is actually 215 922 was printed incorrectly in city paper..went the other night it was just great..maybe the service was a bit hectic for a moment or two but we had a great time a fantastic dinner we each had 3 courses for total of $100 which includes a generous tip...the whole grilled barramundi was one of the BEST fish I have ever had and the orange blossom ice cream was trancendant.. there were at least 6 more things I wanted to order..needless to say am booking a table for the BF's b-day there OOPAH!!

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          Well that's weird, our waiter was the one who gave me that number!

    2. Not sure if they are open yet or not, I pass by there all the time when I pick my wife up from work. I will scope it out closer in the next day or so. We use to like to swing into Logans for a fast bite before heading home, so hopefully this new place will be a good spot to add to a 'go to' list!

      1. I think they are open, I passed by last night (Tuesday) and there were people eating. It looks so cute, I can't wait to try it!

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          They are definitely open and there's a menu posted in the window. I haven't been in yet, but the menu looks good.

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            I went last Friday night and I highly recommend the place. Make reservations for the weekend since it was busy. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. We had a great server who was hilarious. My husband and I split the grilled octopus and "dips" appies which were yummy. For entrees, we shared the lamb and quail special.The lamb was perfectly cooked. For dessert, we had a sticky cake. Overall, I liked the place a lot and would go back.

        2. I'm busting out of my normal lurker status to write about a seriously great experience here last night.

          Very simple decor inside - white and blue walls with thick rustic wooden tables.

          Staff very professional but friendly.

          We started with the trio of dips ($7) - hummus, which was very good; tahini, which was unusually good (I wouldn't think of having tahini on its own, but this was nice); and whatever the Cypriot word for tzatziki is (starts with a 't', sounds similar), also excellent.

          My wife had the mint and haloumi ravioli ($18) which was just brilliant. It was an unusual combination, at least to me, but it worked very well.

          I had a pork and lentil stew special ($16) which, after it cooled down a little bit, was very hearty and satisfying. Perfectly cooked vegetables and the pork was incredibly tender.

          For dessert we wanted just a scoop of their homemade anise ice cream, but they said they couldn't do that - you have to order them as a trio, but the other two flavors didn't interest us.

          This place is awesome and it fits a niche this neighborhood needs - a friendly, neighborhood BYOB with simple but excellent food at prices that are reasonable. All the meats (and vegetables, i think) are organic, which makes the prices even more reasonable.

          I'm eagerly awaiting more trips here.

          1. We went for lunch & it was great! Even pleased the kids- especially their own kid-friendly place settings! Everything we tried was prepared & served perfectly (really loved the pork sandwich), and the staff is super nice. They informed us they are awaiting a permit for outdoor seating. We will definitely be back!

            Also, apparently a Mexican place is coming across the street.