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Apr 30, 2008 09:00 AM

Where can I buy calamari to cook at home?

I want to try a few recipes that call for calamari, fresh or frozen. Any place (balto co. or city) that carries good calamari? Or can I go to just about any seafood counter and buy it?

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    1. I've found that freezing doesn't affect the flavor of calamari (at least to me anyway). As with octopus, freezing seems to tenderize the meat. It's available in most frozen seafood sections in boxes. Whole Foods usually has it fresh.

      1. I'm pretty sure I've seen calamari at the seafood stand in Broadway Market.

        1. I saw some very nice looking calamari at H Mart on Rt. 40 in Catonsville on Sunday.

          1. Virtually every ethnic market I have been in sells 2.5lb frozen packages for $6.99. The bodies are whole, and intact, the tenticles are separated, but included. It makes no sense to pay more out of the fish case, because all they have done is thawed it from the same package. Buy a pack, break it in half, use half and keep the other half in the freezer.

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              I've purchased calamari from Trader Joe's.