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Non Perishable Snack Ideas

We are going on a boat trip with friends and staying at a hotel w/o refrigeration for four days. We'll have a cooler, but would like some non-perishable snack ideas also. Everyone is to bring 2 snacks each to enjoy with drinks before we go out for dinner. There will be 6 couples and some are bringing cheese, summer sausage, nuts, crackers, chips, hummus. So I am looking for something different than those snacks. Thanks in advance! Mary

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  1. Clementines will keep over 4 days and are a great snack anytime. Snack mix is another idea. Epicurious.com has several good snack mix recipes, which don't take too long to prepare and are much tastier/better for you than what you find in the grocery store.

    1. Jarred salsa. Or if you make your own, it should last in the cooler.
      Pepadews, either from the salad bar at the grocery store, or I just saw them jarred in the pickle/olive section which was new to me. Take a block of cream cheese and stuff them right before serving.
      Cherry tomatoes stuffed with spinach/articoke boursin. The tomatoes don't need refrigeration. Just cut, scoop, and fill before serving.
      You could take cold shrimp and dipping sauces if you could get everyone to let you serve them the first night there.
      Cooked and marinated tortellini. Just bring to room temp and serve with toothpicks.
      Jarred marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, olive assortment.

      1. Could you do an antipasti platter out of jars and boxes? marinated artichokes, pickled onion, assorted olives, good oil-packed tuna served with capers and some fresh lemon squeezed over, a dry salami, crispy dry bread sticks. just don't forget the can opener for the tuna!

        1. Dates stuffed with nuts, or if you have time to make these ahead, I love them--date balls. Basically, chop and mix up dates and your choice of nuts (cashews go really well, as do walnuts), and then roll into balls. I suppose you could make larger date/nut bars this way, too.

          If you buy vacuum-sealed prosciutto and a thing of blue or goat cheese, you could stuff the date w/ small bits of cheese, then wrap it w/ prosciutto the day of and skewer it w/ a toothpick. Actually, I've only had this slightly baked, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't taste good room temp.

          1. If you are looking to bake/cook some stuff in advance, how about some homemade cheese straws or crackers? Joy of Cooking, Gourmet and other cookbooks have good recipes for these as well as pastry wrapped olives or other snack treats you can make in advance and keep for 1-2 days at room temperature. Also like the cheese/sausage antipasto idea perhaps with some grapes, strawberries or other fruit? Fruit if bought slightly underripe will usually keep 2-3 days. Can also make your own candied nuts - pecans roasted in bourbon & maple syrup or almonds toasted in curry powder, etc.

            1. We spent a lot of time with a family that had a boat and one of the snacks she served was sliced apples, with a bowl of peanut butter on the side to dip the apples in. Very tasty. Also dried fruits, or trail mixes are good.

              1. Dried fruit as emtnioned is great - perhaps dried persimmons, blueberries, a little different from the typical papaya, bananas, apple, coconut fare.

                Almond butter and jams w/ graham crackers or other fancier crackers.

                Make a tuna spread, with canned tuna, jarred sundried tomatoes, pesto, and any other add ins you like that you can bring.

                Make your own gourmet popcorn

                Wonder if you couldn't also make a couscous salad of sorts, if you have hot water access.

                Banana coins dipped in maple syrup then shredded coconut, let set.

                Canned chicken mixed w/ seasoning ranch packets, or canned crab if you like it with old bay and seasoning mix.

                Dry Roasted Edamame

                Seasoned Toasted Sunflower and umpkin Seeds

                Dried Figs to go with the Cheeses

                1. Bring advocados (slightly under-ripe when you buy them) and a whole lemon or two, and possibly a whole tomato or two. When ready, make guacamole with the gushed up advocados, lemon juice, optional diced tomato, and garlic powder, salt and pepper. Serve with bagged tortilla chips I have thrown in a little taco seasoning on occasion for extra spice in the guacamole (I know this might sound tacky to more gourmet chowhounds!) a dash of tobasco might also work. You might consider bringing along a good jarred salsa.

                  Sliced apples or pears to go with the cheeses would also be good.

                  1. I'm not a fan of heavy or abundant pre-dinner snacks. These two snacks are perfect nibbles to accompany pre-dinner drinks, without being too filling (as long as one is moderate in consumption).

                    Union Square bar nuts, even though you can't serve them warm they are quite tasty at rom temperature:


                    Pita crisps: Cut off the edge of 8-inch pitas with kitchen shears, separate into two layers, cut each pita circle into 6 wedges each. Put wedges smooth side down on baking sheet, crush generously with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with table salt. Adjust oven racks in preheated 350 degree oven to upper middle and lower middle position; bake crisps for 6 to 7 minutes, until lightly golden brown. Remove from oven, turn crisps over, return to oven switching pans to opposite rack and toast for another 6 to 7 minutes. Once cool, store in resealable plastic bags; they keep for at least several days if you can keep them on hand that long--they are addictive and delicious, despite simple ingredients, and great on their own or with hummus. And need I say the homemade version is head and shoulders above any purchased version!

                    1. Focaccia
                      Olive Tapenade
                      Romesco Dip
                      Wonton chips or Pita Crisps - 2nd janniecooks' post above

                      Or for something sweet that travels well (may not pair with your drinks however):
                      Banana Bread
                      Pound/Bundt Cake
                      Nut Brittle (although depending on how hot it is, the chocolate may not hold up well)

                        1. Thank you everyone for these great ideas! I appreciate it! mary

                          1. These (2) easy ppetizer has served me well!!

                            Goat cheese/(softened),cruched walnuts,raw or filtered honey (preferably local), A loaf of bagueete, slice appoximately 1" slices.

                            Spread goat cheese on bread,sprinkle with walnuts & drizzle honey on top!!

                            You can prepare in advance & wrap in foil or containers...will not get limp in salt air!

                            My #2 idea is; horizontally slice zucchini ( app.1/4")I place on preheated grill or you can heat a little EVO in sauce pan for about 1 min. on each side to brown only NOT cook!!!
                            Remove & spread a thin layer of goat cheese,lay 1 or 2 basil leaf & roll like a pin wheel.
                            They will stay rolled when placed on plate.

                            1. i second the cheese straws! Always a hit.
                              Beer Cheese with crackers and celery

                              pershiable but a boat ride always needs pimento cheese

                              1. Roasted spicy lime chickpeas
                                Spicy pepitas