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Apr 30, 2008 08:45 AM

Has Anyone been to Veerasway yet?

I just saw that it opened and wanted to get peoples first impressions. I usually steer clear of restaurants when they first open to let them work out thier kinks.

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  1. Don't miss out on this treasure! It's a wonderful place, and has terrific ambience, great food, and warm, personal service. I have been waiting for an Indian restaurant to open in our neighborhood, and this one has exceeded my expectations - I have spent time in India, and eat Indian food at least 4 times a week - one complaint is that I always feel overfull, as it's not the lightest cuisine in the world. Veerasway changed that - it really is Fresh Indian, just like it says on the sign - light, delicious, and not over-spicy. Couldn't be better - so glad they are here in Fulton Mkt! It doesn't claim to be traditional - there are plenty of places for that - this is just what I have waited for...