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Apr 30, 2008 08:36 AM

Valencia, Santa Clarita, Burbank: Chain Restaurant Wasteland?

I'm a Boston Hound headed to Valencia for work in the coming weeks. As much as I'd love to drive back and forth to LA for fine dining (or even just good dining), I think I'll be confined to the local area...I'll definitely hit up In N Out for a burger (or two...) but what else is available in this area? Any small, locally-owned, local ingredient using places that you West Coast Hounds can recommend? Please tell me I won't be stuck getting tacos from Chevy's.

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  1. Re: Santa Clarita Valley ~

    Sorry, but you are not going to have that many choices in SCV, anyway you still can find a few, very few good places here.

    I do recommend Maru Sushi, one, if not the best place to eat in Valencia, and it is not just sushi or strictly Japanese, they have a great menu, very nice small restaurant, extremely clean, and everything they serve is very fresh. They have a website, were you can see their menu.

    Also there's a newly opened restaurant, Thelma's morning cafe, it opens daily until I think 2:00 pm, they have good choices for lunch, breakfast is good, but I do think that the best thing to order is items from the lunch menu. The chef, Luis Diaz used to work as Executive Chef for WP's Chinois, and some of the dishes at his restaurant reflect his Chinois experience. I have not been very lucky with the service here, but Chef Diaz is a very good cook.

    Do a search here or at yelp, and you will mainly find what to avoid, and what to expect while living here.
    If I think of any other place, I will post more.

    ps. We don't have Chevy's in town........yet.

    1. Cavi on Lyons Avenue
      Thai Pepper on San Fernando Rd

      Unfortunately, that's the best we have.

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        I second Cavi on Lyons. This is a family owned and operated italian place that does a very workmanlike job. When I have to visit relatives up there I try and go to Cavi for dinner. They take their restaurant seriously and strive to prepare homemade, fresh food,

      2. Valencia is quite a ways removed from Burbank, will you be traveling back and forth?
        If so, here are some Burbank threads to guide you:

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        1. re: ozzygee

          I'll be flying in and out of Burbank. But I'd be up for drivng 20 minutes+ for a good dinner.

        2. Hey now...everyone is consistently harsh on the SCV.....ok so the SCV isn't on the cutting edge tasty treats...but there are some real gems that should be foreshadowed by chains.

          Athena's (Canyon Country) - great Greek food, must try the lamb shank
          Guido's (Saugus) - pizza and wings
          Las Delciosa (Canyon Country/Valencia)- tacos and other Mexican food
          Maria's (Newhall) - Italian
          All Corked Up (Canyon Country) - Wines and food (band on weekends)
          Cousins (Valencia, Canyon Country) - Burgers and salads
          Egg Plantation (Newhall) - omelets and good breakfast
          Salt Creek Grill (Valencia) - Steaks
          Tiny's Subs (Canyon Country) - subs
          Le Chen (Canyon Country) - french

          Enjoy your time in SCV :)

          1. Seriously..If your in Burbank, your about 20 minutes from downtown LA. It's worth the drive! (as long as there's no rush-hour traffic..then about 45 min to an hour) If you don't want to drive to downtown, you could drive to the Los Feliz area, which has alot of great places to eat.LF is right off the I-5 freeway, about 10 minutes from Burbank.

            Valencia/Santa Clarita? Hmmm...Nothing great there, that I know of, but i'll admit I don't live there. Perhaps a local or 2 can vouch for the SCV, and give you a few tips.