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Apr 30, 2008 08:28 AM


I want to go to Midori's tonight for sushi - but all the threads "recently" were saying that the service has been unbelievably slow. I know it takes some time to have sushi - but 30 minutes before even ordering is a bit much, especially if you want to have a cocktail or two prior to ordering. Has anyone been to Midori's RECENTLY, meaning in the last month or so? The last thread I could find had 2007 postings.

Also, I have never been to Midoris...I usually go elsewhere. Anything they make especially good? Or do I just need to venture somewhere else? I live in St Paul -so I'd rather not trek across country (i.e., Origami in Minnetonka at 6PM) ...Sakura? Saji-Ya?

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  1. CG and I were there about a month or so ago-- maybe two months? The service was great. We were there on a weekend, after the lunch rush, like 2 pm.

    1. We haven't been there recently because service was so poor, but just as an FYI they don't have a full liquor license so cocktails before dinner are out.

      1. I typically read posts and rarely reply, but I will for this. I am a big fan of Midori's and have been there twice in the past ~2 months, once on a busy weekend and once on a weeknight. The service was just fine -- no long waits, no problems. I had been there numerous times during the period about which others were complaining, and agreed with their observations. If you go for dinner on a weeknight, you probably don't need a reservation, but on the weekend I recommend having one. It is my favorite sushi restaurant in the Twin Cities (my standards are based on my origins in the SF Bay Area), because the fish is consistently fresh and good and the atmosphere is calm and friendly -- a real neighborhood restaurant.

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          Thanks guys - Kate---thanks for the tip. I actually put cocktail in as anything I might want beforehand (sake, wine, beer...) but I actually had never been there so it's good to know that they don't have a full liquor license (which actually sort of surprises me?) but anyway, if I end up there, I'll give a report. It would be tonight-a weekday night so perhaps the service might not be as questionable as it has been from other CH'ers on weekend visits. Appreciate it much!

        2. I go to Midori's for take-out pretty often - about twice a month. Service has gotten better since the period in question. But I didn't notice as much of a problem back then, even when I ate there, because I don't go on weekends and I rarely order sushi. (I love love love the grilled fish dinners - salmon or mackerel - because the portion size is reasonable and because they come with multiple side dishes and Japanese pickles. Yum.)

          The nice thing about Midori's is that if they're too busy to do a take-out order, they'll say so (with many apologies). I appreciate that they give priority to the customers that are already in the restaurant. (Even if I don't get my fish dinner right away...)


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            I may be naive as far as take-out sushi is concerned, but when I ordered from there a few weeks ago they automatically tagged on a 10% "Sushi-chef gratuity". As I always leave a generous tip and didn't notice this until later (I was never told about this fee)...I was a bit miffed. On the same order they left out one of my items, which made me even more so, though they did credit me the next day.

          2. Saji-Ya is ok. So is Sakura.

            I think Midori is ok too.

            My consistent favorite is sitting at the bar at the Origami in downtown Minneapolis.