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Cool way to present tiramisu and gelato

After a last minute drop out in our dinner party club, I now need to make an Italian dessert as well. Any cool plating ideas?

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  1. Are you putting gelato with the tiramisu or will they be two separate desserts?

    1. Wel, my go-to solutions is to do individual servings and layer the tiramisu in martini glasses...Maybe not cutting edge, but it always works for me...;)

      1. How overboard do you wanna go?
        Have a pizzelle maker?
        Pizzelle bowls?

        1. The gelato and tiramisu will be two seperate small desserts.

          1. pizzelle bowls could be fun...

            1. I make Almond Cookie Cups. They are great for holding a scoop of gelato. They really aren't a cookie, more caramel flavour and look like sunhats upside down. I also add sliced almonds to the batter and it gives a nice texture.


              1. Hey Finsmom,

                If you want to serve the gelato on the same plate with the tiramisu, you can place the gelato in the middle of the ring of a doughnut-shaped amaretto shortbread, or simply in the middle of a ring of toasted sliced almonds.

                Dust the plate with a bit of cocoa powder, or if feeling ambitious, a "Nike" swoosh of chocolate sauce or varying-sized dots of either chocolate or espresso-caramel sauce.


                1. you could combine the two... layer ladyfingers, sprinkle w/ rum, layer coffee gelato, then chocolate shaving, repeat and top w/ whipped cream and more shavings before serving; allow to soak together in the freezer before...

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                    Emme, this sounds great -- how long do you let the concoction soak together in the freezer?

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                      a few hours to overnight... just make sure it's well sealed from other flavor seepage and freezer burn.

                  2. I think the chocolate covered bowls from this thread sound like they'd be pretty (if the balloons don't explode):


                    1. For the gelato, I would serve it in a caramel cage which sounds and looks more difficult than it is. Basically it's sugar and water cooked to the hardcrack stage, strewn into a semi-lattice formation on a greased and chilled metal bowl. It's only minutes to prepare something that looks amazing. The gaps can be filled with flowers or fruit if you want to gild the lily.

                      Tiramisu, I could see being enrobed in chocolate with gold foil. To balance out the flavors, though, you would need to increase the proportion of mascarpone to chocolate in the cream. It might be a lot less tiresome, though, to just decorate with chocolate leaves (using organic rose leaves as forms).

                      1. If it's some sort of fruit gelato...perhaps in a "fruit" bowl - such as a scooped out lemon or orange??? You can also oil and roll them in sugar for an effect...... Tiramisu in a martini glass is great too...

                        1. So many cool ideas! I picked up some cool looking small glass pedestal bowls today, that I think I will present the tiramisu in, and then place the gelato on the side... perhaps in an almond cookie bowl with a caramel cage on top. I am going to attempt the cookies and cages today and see how they turn out... wish me luck!